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LINK Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds To Criticism Of Her ICE "Concentration Camps" Comment

I do not understand why she keeps going on and on and on, fussing with people via Twitter, and trying to pummel herself into some weird "win" in these silly word games.

She looked credible when she made the concentration camp comment. Had she simply doubled down, held firm and then STOPped! It would have remained credible and deeply unnerving to those objecting. Now she just looks like a pubescent teenage girl fussing on social media unable to

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 23

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I think it’s only with the benefit of age that you learn not to engage with some people.


She is not a coalition builder she is lucky rookie who primaried a corrupt incumbent Democrat in an 80% blue DISTRICT


What do you otherwise expect from a Brooklyn bartender who steals the Green Party Green New Deal 9 years old as if it's her idea this year ????


When you are the target of Republican party and trumper death threats you must be relentless

bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2019

It isn't Republicans. If it were, I wouldn't be bothered.

you got it opposite. It is luni democrats we have a reason to fear


Because she responds to attacks from Rethuglicans that makes her a prepubescent teen?.. You cannot back down when the right attacks and if she's pushing what's happening at the border it's due to People Forgetting what's going on in Our name...

It isn't just Republicans. It's Holocaust survivors, dignitaries from abroad, relatives of Holocaust victims, etc. Had she simply driven home her point, fine. Now she just looks like a last word freak, unwilling to admit she could've chosen a less offensive way to stay on point. And the more she goes on & on, the more offensive it appears to those with vested & invested interest.

@SeaGreenEyez sorry..but What the US of A is doing at the Border, how we're treating Humans is unconsciousable, immoral, degrading, bigoted application of Facsist Propaganda..the POS that sits in the W.H calls People "Animals" poor Countries In Africa and Carribean "Shithole Countries"..then fine ..I'd rather have AOC speaking truth to Power than a Corprotist like Pelosi that is Ignoring Her Constitutional duties...the Rigjtwing/Center of them Dems or Fux news upset..Good..I'm all in..

@Charlene I'm glad it's that way for some, and I'm glad not everyone is as disgruntled as I am. 🙂

The border is a mess. I HATE & LOATHE all things American government at the moment and it's horribly disheartening to me, that AOC was in a position to just straight up say she misspoke but choose not to. 😔 I think we're just pretty much fucked regardless. There's a humanitarian Bill ready in the House. Of course the Senate won't do shit, so ... shrugs

@SeaGreenEyez She Didn't misspeak..she in fact does have her facts straight.. concentration camps were set up by the Nazis as a way to corral All Deviants and Impure peoples(Jews,Gypsies, Poles, Homosexuals, and Political opponents). Peoples were rounded up and sent to Work Concentration Camps, the precursors Death Camps of the Final Solution..To say they these Dentention Centers are anything less than Concentration Camps is to ignore the Historical Facts of Nazi Germany.

@SeaGreenEyez The border is a mess because We created it.. Decades of intervention in Central/ South America has created untenable situations for a Democratic governmental society to develop there..if a country voted DemSocialist party into power We quashed it by proxy military junta. A prime example is Chile ( nixon/kissenger) a more resent one is Honduras(obama/clinton). History is a Harsh mistress.. We are now paying for our collective follies economically and pollitically..


Well ... I love her...


I'm an old white conservative guy. And I like AOC. Basically for the same reasons I like President Trump. They're both new to the political arena, and both don't mind stirring the swamp up. I just hope AOC survives her freshman status and matures a bit. She's an asset to the country.....

We'll see. I'm guessing she's already eyeing a Senate seat from what I've been reading.

I'm not interested enough in politics to follow anything closely. Do Freshman Reps get assigned a mentor or someone similar to assist them in learning the ropes?

@bigpawbullets No. And when people offered her advice, sound advice, early on, she poo-pooed it away. I believe her instant media popularity gave her a misguided confidence. Exactly as it did with Pete Buttigeige. She should have walked this back instead of changing her language once trapped by the words "concentration camp." She's now decided she meant "death camps" but that isn't at all what she said.

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