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LINK Ocasio-Cortez Refuses Invite To Visit Concentration Camps With Holocaust Survivor | Daily Wire

She might want to take a step back, a deep breath, and really think about what and who actually offered her this opportunity. smh Wow. Sad. Knee-jerk reacting.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 23

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AOC is a left wing socialist extremist who will hopefully be kicked out of her job in 2020.

Constructive input as usual 😊😂😂😂


i have a higher regard for AOC in light of this report.


Recently You tube at the insistence of various pressure groups added a number of terms to their list of words and terms that will immediately get a video flagged, demonetized and even removed.
Among those words are two, the use or even mention of which are considered so anti-semitic and will bring down the wrath of the elders of the Internet, like unto the very lightening of the skies.
They are
Concentration Camp

It seems they like so many others have no concept of context or intent

Fortunately You tube has not yet banned the good old English term

Censorial Bollock Brained Wankers!


Good for her. Too much to do here to go touring European camps. Spend the free time here touring the new Hitler's concentration camps instead.


AOC and liberals in general should be ashamed for disregarding Holocaust and nazi history, and thinking US compares.

She didn't disregard anything... She used the term. concentration camp and her haters added all the Holocaust under over tones... Concentration camps existed long before Hitler...
She probably didn't go because in her mind, and what she meant, actually had nothing to do with the Holocaust or the Jews...

@Cutiebeauty Right... In her mind it had nothing to do with one of the most notorious inhumane events in modern history.

@Cutiebeauty If that was the case she would have explained it, she has had the opportunity to, But she simply clamped down on the term "concentration camps."

@repubatheists correct... Now you understand...

@repubatheists these people purposely latched onto this one term and put a negative spin on it... To attempt to explain lunacy is lunacy itself... You can't explain stupidity to ignorant people...

@Cutiebeauty She is a lunatic for sure. The exploitation of the holocaust and what happened under nazi regimes for political points needs to stop.

@repubatheists yes, it does need to stop... The thing is, she's not the one doing the exploitation here...

Actually the "Concentration Camp" model was unoffically in effect in America until the current changes to a more "prison" model as to illegals. The past was a history of governments turning a blind eye, to illegals being put to work for less than legal wages, no health and safety protection, no protection of any sort at all under the law. So the Concentration Camp was any sweatshop, any farm field, any menial service job where someone chose to enslave them. Exactly the model that was utilized by the Third Reich, when it put its targeted group to work in the camps. At least that is how the Concentration Camp situation began, as work camps, not as extermination facilities. That came later, when Germany had no work for them, and had insufficient food to feed those outside the camps. So you have to be open minded on that subject. The current situation is imprisonment of illegals, in substandard prisons that do not meet the requirements of U.S. laws pertaining to incarceration. A different problem. However, that is removing the illegals from the work that they would have been doing, as illegals within the American economy. American citizens are going to replace them ? Americans are going to work for those wages in those conditions ? Not likely. Therein is an even bigger economic problem. They did a lot of the work. Agriculture, in particular, could not function without the illegals.

@Morpheal Under Nazi regimes Jews and other despised people were forced to enter concentration camps, and they were likely to be citizens of the country they were in. They did not have the option to leave, whereas illegal immigrants entering the US do have that option, and they also have the option to not enter the country illegally to begin with. Illegal immigration is not a new phenomenon in the United States, if they were truly "concentration camps" word would have gotten out a long time ago. The comparison of immigration detention centers to Nazi controlled concentration camps is exploitation of one of the most horrific events in history for political points.

@repubatheists for fucks sale. One more time. She said concentration camp. Which they are. It's the Pearl clutchers who threw in the Nazi comparison. Nazis don't have a monopoly on the word.

@Count_Viceroy They are immigration detention centers.

@NoPlanetB you're probably right considering she hasn't replied to me anymore but is replying to others.. she knows the truth, that's why she has no responses to what I've said here... I'm pretty sure, if people twisted her words, like what's being done to AOC, she'd fight back and defend herself...

@Cutiebeauty I have replied to you enough to understand your reasoning, and for you to understand mine.

@repubatheists okay🙂

@ToolGuy Again, they are immigration detention centers.

@repubatheists yeah. And the Jews were in "protective detention". I like that. It sounds nice.


I am sure that she is way too busy to just trip over to Europe for someone who wants to argue.

I agree... And she didn't actually mean German concentration camps anyway...


There were concentration camps long before the German DEATH CAMPS. There is a difference. If one doesn't know that, it is on them, not her. These camps in the US are the definition of concentration camps.

Exactly! Not many people know this...


Sheriff Arpaio operated work camps that resembled Nazi death camps which were more than Arizona jails....federal detention facilities at the border are NOT concentration child is busting rocks or digging ditches ....all these extreme descriptions are distracting away from violent latino gangs from many countries sex trafficking dope smuggling gun running and illegal aliens urged to come here to bust union construction jobs

There are CHILDREN in filthy conditions. Or do you not care about that?

@Remi I care to put a real leader in White House who will solve problems without profiteering as is TrumpOLINI....USA cannot solve problems growing faster than solutions....the invasion of illegal aliens is not accurately described as children detained in squalor....Mexico is deliberately pushing asylum seekers from their southern borders into USA....and sending healthy young workers by the millions to bust USA union jobs....if people would care to stop USA wars EVERYWHERE we would have money to care for all at our borders ELEGANTLY @HowieHawkins20

@Remi I just read here from @republicAtheists that MEXICAN troops 15,000 will block future invaders into USA


Right now she needs to concentrate on detention center here they want her out of the way while they do the same things here then visit Germany

bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2019
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