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LINK Richard Dawkins interviews Saudi Arabian atheist author Rana Ahmad - YouTube

It's only 11 minutes long. Well worth the watch.

zblaze 7 June 27

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I applaud her for taking this very big brave step In her life for own sanity and freedom. This nonsense where her family calls for her death is absolutely bizarre and barbaric and inhumane. She's her own person and entitled to her own walk in life. If her family have washed their hands over her, then let her be, why do they still wish to kill her. I know islam calls for that, but they need to rethink their teachings. It has to be up to the individual to choose their own path without the threat of torture, honour killing or death (murder).


Dawkins is a sympathetic interviewer. The interview goes into islam vs. quite a few atheists in Saudi Arabia. Also goes into the restrictions on women there, even after they go to live in another country. We've heard of honor killings, but it's like they're telling the world that freedom is evil ... very weird to mull it over. The woman is brave and has facts to convey.


What an amazing woman.


Wow! What an incredible story! What an amazingly courageous woman! I see a future when the religions.of the world will have the undue influence they currently enjoy. So many lives negatively influenced by the imaginary man in the sky! Good to hear so many downloads of these books that let the "prisoners" know they are not alone in their beliefs. I'm lucky to live here, where I am free to be agnostic, although I don't know anyone who shares my lack of faith, except on here!


That saying from the Gospels that ‘you will know them by their fruits’ says it all for me. It cuts right through the false virtues (I’m thinking of honour killings) of any religion, including Christianity.

That's right! Their fruits include judgement and banishment if you don't share their beliefs! I want to run for office again in 2020 but I'm concerned about being agnostic in this very religious area that I live in! I don't want to have to feign religion in order to be successful politically.

@Stilltrying1964 you wouldn't be the first politician to lie for the sake of public office.


Sadly, for her to speak out like that, it may/will increase her chances to get killed. I wish her well though.

She took the step for her own freedom. Why should she be silenced by a violent system. She's basically in shackles in her own country. Women are not allowed to work or even go to the shops without their husband. From what I hear they're only allowed to go to the shops with their husband on a Friday but covered up where only the eyes are visible. They're degraded, denied an education and treated like like they're not worthy of their (women) existence except for duty! Well done to her.

@TimeOutForMe I don't disagree with any of your remarks. However, there are several documented cases of women that have been killed for speaking up. One Pakistani girl was killed by her own brother because she was a YouTube celebrity, let alone saying a word against their eastern way of life. It is messed up and I applaud her for making a stand but also I hope she won't be naive thinking she won't be targeted.


I love Rana we are proud of her 👏

Gigi Level 3 June 27, 2019

This really shows why the free flow of information is important in order for freedom to be maintained. If your beliefs are greater than your ability to reason, you have completely sacrificed your agency.


"Did you talk to any of your friends, while you were there, about it?" oops


She is not safe I'm afraid she will be killed like a lot of other girls

Neenz Level 7 June 27, 2019

Love it thanks!

Neenz Level 7 June 27, 2019

I could listen to Richard Dawkins all day.


Awesome lady

bobwjr Level 9 June 27, 2019

I've seen this interview before. She is quite courageous.

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