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LINK NC lawmaker says Lincoln ‘unjustly invaded’ the South, a ‘sovereign nation’

Seriously?... I supposed he calls himself a patriot too....

I thought republicans were proud to be "the party of Lincoln"... not that it is anywhere ner the same party these days....

snytiger6 9 June 27

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I admit that I have never liked the South of the US and during my life it has been more and more obvious that in the minds of many or most Southerners, the Civil War never really ended, it just continued to be fought using other means such as Jim Crow laws, the Klan, etc.. If the South and their often clownish politicians ever decide again to secede from the US, please let them leave. It would greatly improve our politics and allow way more progress to be made than we have had from having them with us since 1865.

As far as the article, this Pittman guy sounds like an even bigger asshole than the notorious Steve King from my state, and that's really saying something. Of course, both are Repubs...


All of the inbreeding in the post war Confederate states left their gene pool both narrow and shallow, and it ain't gettin' any wider or deeper in most places in that part of the country. It is the only way to explain the level of stupid in that part of the country.

As we both know, Sticks, you can't fix stupid.....

@TomMcGiverin Yes. It is not possible.


I suppose it was another version of the 'just war'. The latest version might be Iran.


I’m sometimes ashamed of NC, times like this exemplify why. ‘Confederacy’ my ass. All they cared about was keeping the right to own slaves, which back then, was the economic 1%. So many men and boys died, for that 1%. Property destroyed, women raped. On and on. Still, there are idiots flying that loser traitorous flag and wearing white hoods. Still much oppression of minorities here.


There's no real question Lincoln did what he could to foment war with the Confederacy, and succeeded. How just that was is debateable, though certainly the Confederacy, sovereign or not, is nothing to be proud of.

Have you read, I dunno, any history books ever?

Lincoln appealed for peace from the first. The South declared, IN 1860, that merely electing Lincoln was an act of aggression against them and they would be justified in seceding. Lincoln gave orders to resupply a Federal fort (Fort Sumter); South Carolina fired on the fort. That's an overt act of war.


@Paul4747 Lots of them. And he resupplied the fort hoping it would provoke the Confederates into doing just that. And even if he didn't, a few cannon shots magically justifies a war and invasion? But thanks for repeating the pop history understanding of the subject.

@Druvius He resupplied the fort because it was Federal property and surrendering it would be an irretrievable loss of face at the very beginning of the administration. Was it foreseeable that the Confederates would fire on the resupply fleet? Perhaps. But Lincoln informed the Governor in advance that he was sending a resupply mission; hardly a warlike gesture. In every case, from demanding the surrender of Federal property on SC soil to firing the opening shots, it was the Confederates who were in fact the aggressors.

Calling it "pop" history in your snide way implies that there's some deeper history of which common folk are unaware. There isn't. Lincoln went out of his way to avoid hostilities until they were forced on him. All his speeches and his private discussions were geared toward the idea that the Union must be preserved, and although he felt slavery would eventually perish, he did not, at that point, see it as his role to force it out.

Maybe it's "pop history" because it's true?


Such a weary kitty....


There is a difference of opinion on that one.

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