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Why is it that so many atheists are liberal leaning?

I am very much dissuaded by factional politics, as I vote based on the terms not on the perps.

Why is it that so many atheists are willing to call themselves liberal?

x0lineage0x 6 Mar 14

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I'm not a liberal. Actually, I don't associate with any party at present time.


because reality leans left.


Our thought process is not warped by religious bullshit


The term liberal is actually very misleading. The liberals divide the world intoconservative Vs. Liberal, but their liberalism is anything but. True liberalism is a synonym to tolerance. Liberal arts used to be all inclusive. Liberals respected other peoples' opinions, even opinions that they despised. I can easily associate this type of liberal with agnosticism and atheism. The new liberal is actually just anti-conservative. His (I am not falling into PC's newspeak) atheism is actually antitheism and for a very simple reason - the majority of conservatives are theists.

I don't doubt the "liberalism" of most "atheists". I actually doubt their atheism. I also doubt their ability to reason.

Well put sir. The rigidity on display by some Atheist liberals has me in shock, but not all non-believers are practicing skeptics.


I'm probably 50/50 split. Respect for others tends to be a more liberal trait. Kind of hard to pin down a "conservative", as I don't see them conserving much but an ancient past and inherited money. I honor work. I am consevative with money, mine and others..... At this age I am more suspiscious of these labels. I'm not sure many people are even aware of themselves.

For example: Does a retired Church going, older "conservative" even acknowledge that their social security check is coming from the government and NOT God? We are all so intertwined. Yet under attack from each other. It's ugly out there.

twill Level 7 Mar 14, 2018

50/50? I have a friend who claimed that 67.3% of all statistics is made up on the spot. The next day he repeated this claim, but the number became 53.4%

This is why I don't subscribe to fanaticism. Argue the points not the positions.

@norealgod Well...we all have friends!


I call myself liberal because I am liberal. The fact that I'm also atheist is as coincidental as the fact that I also like eating cheese.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

Define the term liberal. What makes you a liberal?

@norealgod Google it.

So are you the google definition of a liberal?

@norealgod We're not going to get far with this conversation, are we?

IDK. You are the one who (HOPEFULLY) knows why you are a liberal.I don't think that google or Wikipedia used you as their model. There is a saying about socialism: If you had not been a socialist at 20, you are heartless; if you are still a socialist at 30, you are brainless. I think that it applies to modern liberals as well.

So please, define your own liberalism.

@norealgod You asked a question, "Why is it that so many atheists are willing to call themselves liberal?" and I answered it. However, your own reply (beginning with "The term liberal is actually very misleading" ), your reply to my answer and the insulting tone you use suggests that your real intention here is to attack other users. I have no interest in being part of that, nor do I need to define my own liberalism to you, and that's why the conversation can go no further. I shan't comment on this thread again.


Please provide reasons.

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