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How soon til all these rallies go to the source of the problem on everyone's day off?

LoveTravel-H2O 3 Mar 14

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And what do you say the source of the problem is?


Are you referring to the 'school walkout?' If so, I think the kids have found a purpose and they will not let up! And, I will give my support to them!

@LoveTravel-H2O I think the marches are important, because they allow people to make a public statement about their concerns. Do you recall the quote, 'life is a journey not a destination?' The 'work' is never done, it must always be reinforced by taking a stand, sometimes that means in public! There will always be issues that get highjacked by irrational thinkers and that requires the (hopefully) level headed people, to speak up for balance and justice.

@Freedompath That's all well and good, but did any of these marches actually make any difference. Is anybody better off now? Protests downtown don't work.

@MikeFlora it mades a difference to the person, marching...and a society changes, one individual at a time! Marching (action, moving energy)...helps support a person to further actions. And must believe that even small actions go somewhere and do something! There is no magic wand, to sweep over a society! I am surprised that you can say for certain, that protest 'don't work?' When nothing remains the same, even when we can't see it changing! 'Is anybody better off, now'... you say! Well, I feel better knowing that people are not complacent and are taking a stand about the imbalance in our social order!

@Freedompath How many protests have we seen since trump took office? I'm not knocking the effort I'm saying protests downtown haven't done a thing. How about putting 500 people in front of every congressman's house, or in the case of the students that have been protesting, the parking lot of every gun shop they can find.

@MikeFlora ...then go tell them what works! Don't tell me, I don't have time to do it!

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