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Yep, Jesus in a goats ass, if it were toast it would bring a bunch of money on Ebay! Note the asshole is the head. LOL!

misstuffy 7 Mar 15

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Hmm dogs


Amazing! What is curious is who took the time to look.


Anus saving us from being born bad needing grape juice and crackers and a bath in front of a cult of believers.....praise Geebush Geehobah GhostHole asshole

I found this on a FaceBook page called "Reasons the Bible is Fake" I I know of one other goat farmer that feels the same way I do about religion but this hints there are more of us out there and it does look more like Jesus than the toast version does.

@misstuffy I guess I must look more closely to any mammal anus for my inspirations of faith ? I still prefer Flying Spaghetti Monster miracles of noodle and balls

@GreenAtheist I take it for what it is, a show of just how ridiculous Christians are when they see " Christ" image in things like toast, clouds, whatever. To me it was a good laugh.


That's beautiful!

I think it is hilarious myself.

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