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I think he was just trying to catch a fly 🙂


19 years ago these kind of Rethuglican "staffers" terrorized the 4 counties "recounting" the Florida "recount" screaming pounding on doors walls windows to stop the "recount" sneer quote.....nobody gets onto the House floor without being known by the Sgt@Arms having official business with a Congressmember.....the linked story falsely predicts we citizens " may never know " if he is a retard or a deliberate distraction away from House business....often "staffers" are instead blue or red party officials setting up big posters charts photos for for partisan not legislative propaganda....the kind Bernie Sanders claims is proof of his "revolution" for decades in both CAPITOL chambers
.....the yeas/neas on real legislation is the ONLY PROOF of "record" politicians should be "BELIEVED" or bern felt not their lies promised to ignorant voters


Ignorant trumper

bobwjr Level 9 July 17, 2019

About the level of maturity that passes as acceptable under der Trumpenfuhrer.

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