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Raining here in New Mexico for th first time in months. will see if th ground gets wet

btroje 9 Mar 15

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Where a 2" rain means two inches between drops...



We still have snow falling. I don't like the wind, and we get very little in this part of Idaho.


So is it wet?

my dogs were playing later and kicking up dust. THe rain did reach the ground. SOmetimes it doesnt

@btroje that actually does happen often..the rain evaporates before it hits the ground..awesome I think..

@Charlene, sounds quite australian outback too.

@Charlene yes you can see it in the sky. here they call i virga


Very interesting terrian. You must never get bored!

no always somrthing to do


In Nebraska in summer we'd call them Texas 30 inchers. The drops were 30 inches apart.

That's a good one!


Is it warm there? Does it get cold? Pennsylvania gets so very cold.

I am at about 7000 feet. Until the last few days it has been falling into the teens at night but I have been walking around in a jacket during the day because the sun is out.THe season length is about like Maine. THis high desert with about 14 inches rainfall in a good year. THe winds are brutal Today they are about 30 with gusts to 60. That is spring weather.

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