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LINK Woman charged after stealing someone elses dentures, wearing them to her probation meeting

Nothing says "Indiana" like wearing stolen dentures to a probation appointment. smh

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 26

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That's nasty. Heffer. 😂🤣


ewww. you don't know where that mouth has been or what it has been doing... as fckng gross as using a strangers toothbrush. :/


That's sickly stupid


That's what you get when health/dental care is overpriced.

Something weird? I've never seen so many people with dentures in one place. Everyone in Indiana is covered on healthcare. It's a rare state in that regard. That however, created this strange deal with dentures. Poverty, Mt Dew addiction and meth-mouth means Medicaid has restricted dental care to pulling teeth and cheap dentures (unless you find a dentist that isn't willing to sell out and will actually do dentistry to save teeth.) I believe it's $400 every 5 years. And the dentures indeed, look like $400 teeth. Another sad testimony of American healthcare.


So do I laugh or retch?😂😬😰😵

First you laugh, and while laughing, you think, and then puke. .

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