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QUESTION 33 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree - NBC News

Well then, we obviously need to look into banning knives soon. Afterall, only chefs really "need" knives. There is no good reason for the average person to own a knife.

SkotlandSkye 8 Mar 16

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I know right? Those in positions of authority could enact all the gun control legislation they like...they will never take mine from me.


Imagine USA with a full employment policy keeping every able person working healthy housed educated and living wages ? People not showing up for work school or healthcare piling up weapons or violent plans would not be free to shoot up schools gay bars concerts or holyday parties ALLAH AK BAR

Could you reword that a little more clearly? I have no idea what point you are trying to make....perhaps your talk-to-text took some liberties?


Haha! Then you would have to cook for us all!

Exactly. All you amateurs need to pay us professionals. It's time to leave the cooking -- and knife ownership -- to the experts.


If others were carrying knives this kind of attack would not have gotten that far. They need knife training courses.

If someone had been concealed carrying a 9mm, it wouldn't have gotten that far.

@SkotlandSkye time for all school teachers to carry a filet knife to protect their students in China

I vote for throwing stars and swords....

@SkotlandSkye I'm laughing my ass off over your last comment, my thought exactly!


Exactly, but after that we need to make laws against stones and pointed sticks

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