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Ladies (and guys), has anyone else been sent unwanted sexual messages from other users on this site? I got another one this morning and it actually has me disturbed somewhat.

There’s creeps everywhere, I know this. There’s misogynist jackasses everywhere, I know this as well. I was just hoping that a site like this would have less of it.

What has me pissed off is that these messages have come from men in their 50s and 60s; far too old to be engaging in such infantile behavior and far too old to be soliciting sex from someone 20-30+ years younger than themselves. Also being told that asexuality is not a real orientation and that I just need to be fucked into liking sex.

I’m just ranting and it’s over now, lol.

PeppermintDreads 7 Mar 17

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Some people just never grow up, however there is no excuse for that behavior. I am sorry you have encountered that.


Sorry to hear that. Report them.


A friend of mine was messaged by 2 believers on here that was hitting on her on her. On her profile it says she is only here for community. WTF is wrong with people. @Delilahjones33 is right you should out them even screenshot the messages and post those too.


I haven’t on this site. Might I suggest you out them so those of us who choose can block them in solidarity...

@PeppermintDreads wow and done

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