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QUESTION This Startup Wants To Upload Your Brain To A Computer – But There's A Deadly Twist | IFLScience

What's everyone's thoughts on this?

Mea 7 Mar 17

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It may not be possible to do this in any case. And it raises the question: Is your uplifted version now a separate consciousness from your biological one? So are you now two distinct and separate consciousnesses and beings? Are you aware of the other version of you?

Because all of the inputs from the body are part of the consciousness, it would seem to me that, even if the upload were possible, the uploaded consciousness would be far from the original. Just guessing from the intuitive hip here, but I really think that much of what was the original having been eliminated would cause an immediate change and further differences would build up over time.


Not that I would ever be in a position to afford this option, but still a nope for me.
I think part of what makes us Human is that we will die.
Will we have a next evolution were we are etranal? Maybe, but then we would no longer be called human.


I think 90% or more of what is posted on that site is hype and garbage anymore.


Not sure why anyone would want to be less human.

Ask our President, maybe he will tell you what it is like. 🙂


Have you watched Altered Carbon on Netflix?

No, similar premise I take it?

In a future world people can be re-sleeved, their consciousness uploaded into a new body. The ultrarich can create their own clone or select a new improved body and can store backups of themselves. The religious can be coded so that they die for real (aren't re-sleeved). Of course people can die for real if their "Stack" is destroyed and no backups exist. The Stack is like a memory stick at the base of the brain. It's fairly graphic sex/nudity/violence, but it is very thought provoking

Started watching with a few friends - interesting concept, but we weren't overly impressed.
Does it get better after the first couple of episodes?

I think it does, but it probably not for everyone.


No thanks. Best case scenario you'd be an insane immortal AI...till your keepers got tired of you or they and the power died out.

The pet rock made more sense to me.


Yeah I will pass


Noooo thanks..


Good grief! And a great big NO, thank you.

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