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LINK 'In God We Trust' to be displayed in all Louisiana public schools by law |

It's hopeless. There's no fixing everything wrong in America and the Constitution has been all but destroyed.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 12

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In the Southern states, this is only the start of turning their states into Christian Taliban of America. ACLU and FFRF will be fighting them in court, as they are with horrible anti-abortion laws they are passing. But it won’t stop them from continuing their decent into Christian Theocracy.

The ACLU is spread so thin fighting Trump that I came to the conclusion long ago that this was someone's plan. Stress the Courts on stupid shit while they quietly pack the Courts, and the states will pass unConstitutional stuff like the abortion bills, while everyone's watching the Talking Yam's Follies. It's just all so disgusting.

@SeaGreenEyez I’m with you 100%. They are fouling up our systems with crazy actions and in the fog of information the really disastrous stuff is going on out of the spot light.


Jesse Ventura vetoed this religious shit as Governor and some of it gets blocked by good Senators like Lowell Weiker who filabustered ReaGUN theocratics....its more than a 24/7 job to defend secularism under attack by criminal theocrats in all 50 states ....Betsy deVOS is stealing public education money giving billion$ to fake religious schools but Clinton escalated the FBI faith based initiative across the board "privatizing" many public programs into church businesses....that was part of his budget surplus act triangulating with Fort Worthless Newt Gingrich Speaker who impeached him for lies about Paula Jones Senators DID NOT CONVICT the bent angle penis President


Welcome to the United States of theocracy😑


More bible belt Bullshit

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