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A bunch of stupid moronic sheep that want to sign a petition with an idea that a two bit comedian came up with .It goes to show you where liberals get their brilliant ideas from

What do you expect from people that think AOC is a genius.HA,HA



A street or In fact nothing should be renamed for the sick pathetic reasons these obsessed fools want to .


Very rational reason to rename a street ,because you hate someone .Bunch of immature idiots for sure!,

Like trying to name it 'Tobacco Road'.


Fantastic,I always wanted to spit on something with Obama’s name on it, now I may have my wish

You have a very looney view of life.


Why would anyone want to name a street after that screwball racist idiot???

Because they are screwballs and idiots themselves,that’s why

These same nitwits would name it Al Sharpton Street as long as they could disrespect Trump

@Trajan61 Because it would heartilly piss off an actual screwball racist idiot

@HarrySlick Disrespect, like respect needs to be earned, and has been, by the bucketful

@LenHazell53 Obama was an Idiot who did this country a lot of harm. Why would we want to name a street after that looney disrespectful nut?? You seem to have a very idiotic view of US politics.

@LenHazell53 It is one thing to disrespect someone, it is another thing when you are spiteful and act childish and irrational as in the renaming of this street which would not have been considered if Trumps name was not on the building on this street .Typical childish emotions from liberals .

@juli15 @Trajan61 I prefer to think of it as satire, unlikely to ever actually happen but in itself enough to send a message to the pussy grabber in chief.




I prefer yemani rue crematoria


Wouldn't that be just perfect?


Where can I sign.

Me too!!

I signed at this website: []

@AnonySchmoose Thank you. Unfortunately one has to live in the US to be able to sign.

@Jolanta I wish you could sign too ... we could use the help.

@AnonySchmoose If you are on facebook share it as much as possible. That will help.

@Jolanta Apologies, am not on FB. Someone else will have to share it.




There should be no public place where this monster is not humiliated and shown for the poser he is!🀬

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