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LINK Retrial Of Rape Victim's Murder Charges After Delivering Stillborn

This is exactly what 8 Southern States are pushing for in the US. Despicable. πŸ˜”

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 16

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...made a personal decision to support
Planned Parenthood; i guess future generations will see
how damaged the system is that is being foisted on
society. There is no grey/ its either Yes or No;


Unbelievably ignorant and cruel


I sometimes find it hard to believe that we’re living in the 21st century. This is medieval thinking...and based purely on misogyny and catholic dogma.

Well said. I totally agree.


WTF insane attitude like it's Alabama or something

...the southern states as a BLOCK, are trying to reverse
the country to 1950.


Unfuckingbelievable!!! This kind of stuff really gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I do not understand why so many men are so afraid of women. That is the only explanation for this need to suppress and control women. 😟


The catholic church CONTROLS all women in a country called THE SAVIOUR


Geez, the 30-year sentence handed down to Evelyn Hernandez is so draconian, given they actually had no proof that she tried to abort. Then again, that law is so horrible, like they hate all women, and would try to punish them horribly according to their own suspicions and imaginations. Like 8 southern states are tormenting females. Hyper hypocritical politics and laws.

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