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Oh yes, him being christian doesn't mean a thing to me. Theres no high Plato hes elevated on because hes christian. Look around, some of the worst case cenario are christian. Evel! Self righteous! Bastards!

  1. Married = x
  2. Office affair = x
  3. Same sex... his business, not mine.

If your married and mess around the odds are someone's gonna find out and in todays world it will be on social media. Normally, an office affair is an illusion of must have desires. Untill it goes sour and the word gets out. Ouch! Same sex relationships are a matrer of your choice. If it makes you warm and fuzzy inside, then its probably for you.


It's always the ones who make the most noise that turn out to be the biggest hypocrites.

This kind of sleaze is rampant in the evangelical conservatives.

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