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For some reason I have been fond of Banyon trees. Then again I love unusual plants and my favorite tree is the Monkey Puzzle Tree (Chilean Pine).


You always post the coolest stuff...

Check out Aspens also! There is a Clone of Aspens in Utah over 80,000 years old.


That's just crazy cool. I did not know this!

@SeaGreenEyez There was a Discover Magazine article (I think it was) where they were studying if one group could "talk" to the other. The gist was that they know the Aspens can communicate with each other but they were sure how and to what depth. They believed it was via root system as I recall.


Florida also has banyon trees. Mostly in So Fla and up the coasts just South of Central Fla.


Trees are truly amazing!




Love the varieties of evolutionary life

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