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I need advice on someone who keeps hacking me, please?

Millions of Yahoo! e-mail users were hacked about 2 years ago. I was one of them. I found out because Facebook e-mailed me my new account login to e-mail. I had it in a folder. The guy hacked onto my Facebook and announced in my Messenger, "Remember me? Your old friend from FL?" I said, "Idk anyone from FL." I looked at his weird name and pic. He looked like he was from the middle East. It would not allow me to block him. He had added himself to my Facebook. Idk how? No friend request was sent. I figured out how to block him. Then I changed my password and my e-mail. Well, once AT&T didn't have paper to print my bill receipt. They e-mailed it to me. A day later an unknown number messaged me a link with my name on it. I didn't open it. It also said, "Let's do the hokey pokey thing." I called the number back and some random guy answered, "Who's this?" I said, "Who are you? You texted me?" He hung up. Ever since then, I could not log into the Yahoo! account to deactivate it. Now the same people keep logging into my Facebook. Even after I change my passwords every time I'm alerted. Idk what to do? Restart a new FB account? Lose all my pics? I don't want to. These logins are all from TX off of an Android phone. I just found out now that the same person did it again. I think I will have to redo a new FB account. It's always been a private account only friends of friends can friend me.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 19

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I would definitely contact facebook and google. they got in using them. if the have access to your email, I would shut that email down, but that is how they get your email. When you get you computrer working, I would change every pw I have for everything. I keep mine written down in a small real notebook, not on the computer.



Take your computer to a professional and get them to fix it. I do not know your amount of knowledge. i have a computer systems degree, but it is from 1999. Basics are the same, but if you cannot get to system restore and find a point where your computer was alright, it is very difficult to do it. yourself.

Okay, I will do that.


First before doig anything else, download some software to look for malware, and in partivular a key loger. I'd use more than one software program to look for malware. You may hve picked it up via the original yahoo account.

I've changed my email passwords to be really long after my email was hacked (more than once), using both lower and upper case as well as numbers.

I do use Facebook as a "cloud" for photos, but there is nothign there I couldn't live without. I also keep a flash drive pugged into my computer to back things up, as well as ohn my hard drive.

I once deleted my FB account because I ws spendign too much time there. I brought up a new accoutn later on, when my friends complained about my not being on FB. When I tried to open the new account, it questioned my identity. It took a cople of weeks to establish that i was who i said i was. So, if you shut it down, be prepared for that, and make the new accout more secure by providign less personal and contact info.

Alert FB and appropriate authorities abotu yoru problems, and also give them the number from which you were texted.

Swtich from Yahoo to Gmail. Use very long and complicted passwords.

Personally, I dont' use my phone for social networking, emails or any kinds of purchases. Part of that is because I am partilly blind an dpart of it is that I feel more secure in not doing so.

I recently got RFID blockign sleeves for my credit can bank cards, because someone mysteriously got one of my account numbers. Do this to prevent future problems for yourself.

Read everyone else's advice, as someone here may think of something else.


It is all part of the mass hacking that just hit the news. Facebook, allowed the Trump people, via a shell outfit to hack over 500 thousand facebook people, With this information they follow your "likes", and your friends and then find where all of you shop, how you vote and where you want to be in the future. It is now being stated the the hackers know you better than people at work or family.

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

I just deleted my page today. i need to return to life before facebook


You know something, what you are doing is what all need to do. We are allowing this stuff to happen. Too many people are addicted with FB and their social network would go away. Now at this time in the world, I do not see people rising up with purpose. I am going to delete also, Face Book literally agreed to help elect TRUMP people, via Bannon and FB.

@EMC2 thanks and thats awesome! i don't want to appear to influence anyone like an insane christian but i have only been on facebook for 3 years. The only thing facebook did for my life is give me another way to avoid human contact. I was fine without face book and i actually called people instead of following them online.

I have been researching the news and online and i have come to the conclusion that facebook is careless with its users data, plus i don't like the influence it had on the election, so it had to go.


Use LastPass. Use the password generator to change all your passwords to the longest, most complicated passwords each site will accept.

Okay, is that an app?


If you can’t live with it, download your pictures and start a new account. It’s always good to change passwords periodically. My ex wife had all of my passwords so I had to make ones that she would not guess. It’s a PITA.

Oh, yeah this guy is a creep.


Btw, Ihad similar security before. Friends of friends only. Fb not very secure

Nope. I'm getting random friend requests even after I put friends of friends.


Had my FB hacked. Now use process described by prior responent. Two step verification. Have my sister and niece as backup just in case I forget or lose verification code. They can authorize new one.

Be sure to tell your backup, if you chose one, to expect a non FB contact to confirm code. My hacker tried to get one. Luckily, my niece texted me.
Good luck.

I have the thing set up so to recovery failed 3 friends have to turn the key to unlock it.

I have the thing set up so to recovery failed 3 friends have to turn the key to unlock it.



You have ro remove yahoo as your back up recover account. They get your password every time you change it.

Gotcha. New account.

@Sarahroo29 Change security level they have your info. Get a gmail account it is free anyway, or create a new yahoo account. Keep your F/B page once you change the email they will lose access.

@azzow2 I've had gmail. Yahoo! was my back up. I changed my security levels.

@Sarahroo29 apply for new yahoo email then replace that with your backup email on F/B. What is happening is F/B send you security code on the breached email so they get the code and again have access . You have to break the cycle. With a new yahoo email they won't have the password to access your yahoo email or F/B account make sure to remove the old yahoo email from F/B and then replace it with the new yahoo email backup or the will have a window to get the code again. I know it seem a little redundant this is the trick I know someone else might have a better one. P.S set your email accounts with higher security I know gmail has that option not overly familiar with yahoo security protocol.

@azzow2 Yahoo isn't on the new one. The one I made again sucked. The verification code never sent so it locked me out. I had to make a new one again. No Yahoo! on there now.


1: Log in to Facebook.
2: Enable two factor authentication.
3: Find the "Log out of all devices" function. This will log-out your account from any device it is logged-in
4: Log out of Facebook.

After that, when you next login to Facebook with two factor authentication:
1: Facebook will send a code to your smartphone
2: You'll need to enter that code on Facebook to complete the log-in process.
3: No one can log-in to your Facebook without that code.

I did all that. I restarted a new FB account.

@Sarahroo29 Wow. I couldn't imagine how they would intercept the 2nd-factor code that Facebook sends only to your smartphone. Oh well. At least you got your new FB account.

@SamKerry I did it for the 2nd FB. Before I didn't have the verification code thing set up. I do now.

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