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I trust my non believing (nb) friends more than my thumper friends. That is all.

Potsandpans 5 Mar 19

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I totally agree. I think one of the most "Christ-like" friends I have ever had was a Aetheist and a Marxist. Could not go anywhere with this guy without him seeing someone with car trouble on the side of the road and him stopping to work on thier car. Always helping people.

marym Level 4 Apr 1, 2018

Me too.


Most of my friends are Christian and they have always been great friends. I don't have many friends but our differences in religion or politics don't seem to be a problem for us. Some people will say if you ever need anything call me. I have the kind of friends who give me the key to their house. I know they will always be there if I need them. I don't know any athiest outside this group. I rarely talk about it so it's not a problem for me. Being religious or not doesn't make a person good or bad. When people are confident in their beliefs they don't need other people to believe it. That applies to athiests as well as Christians.


That's a rule of mine too, can't fully trust the pious, if you can lie to yourself. You can sure lie to me!


I don't know what to say to them anymore. I love my friends no matter what they believe. When they request prayer I feel awkward.

"When they request prayer I feel awkward." I just do the best that I can. lol
If others are praying, I do respect them by shutting my mouth and let them do what makes them feel better.


What are those?
Joking ? I deleted all trump supports from FB a long time ago. And only family was my brother-in-law’s brother. And if I delete believers, I wouldn’t have to delete much family. It’s great growing up in a liberal family!


I believe the more someone claims to be good Christian the less you can trust them.


Remember, your thumper friends can lie to you, steal from you, and stab you in the back because jesus will forgive them.

JimG Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

That is a logical assumptions seeing religion is all based on untruth used to control people.

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