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LINK Pamela Anderson Defends Julian Assange On The View - YouTube

In case you're not convinced already that shallow trust fund baby meghan mccain is a despicable human being and that there is only 1 political party in America today!

jniece 6 Sep 11

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Could Jimmy Dore and his sidekicks keep their gobs closed for just a while

We been doing shit that way for far too long. So, no. I will never be silent while my taxes are spent bombing poor people around the world who have NOT attacked us, or for jailing whistle blowers for exposing crimes of my govt. Neither should you.

@jniece just want to hear the two women talk without the constant inane chat

@ShadowAmicus gotcha. I agree


Jimmy Dore hates traitor to her race Whoopi Goldberg too


Pamela Anderson said: BILLARY elected TrumpOLINI by being the liar war criminal mega thief rigging elections and destroying subpoenaed emails OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE BILLARY did not TrumpOLINI and Meghan McSame is so incompetent and obsessed with Assange she can't give him credit for helping her Republican Party....the show concluded USA corporations speak with one voice on THE VIEW THE ONE PARTY WAR CRIME PROFITEERING BANKSTER ZIONISTS PARTY duopoly of redBLUES blueREDS against truth telling Pamela Anderson

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