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Irrational nonsense, organized.
Link to hi-res image [] Thanks to Nena.

SACatWalker 8 Mar 20

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I only have to zoom in and I can read it all. But why Nicola Tesla?

Sooz Level 6 Mar 22, 2018

Looks just about right


In other words, you can be sucked into anything...if you don't stay close to the 'middle' of everything?

@SACatWalker thank you for, going down the rabbit hole with me!! I mean we should stay in the middle (at least by an wareness) of everything and not get stuck on any one thing!


Btw, I suspect I won't concur with all the designer's conclusions, but that's alright...


A LOT of thought went into the organization of that graphic. Ty for sharing, am going to keep it til I have s larger screen to read it on.

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