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Amazon Invents Vibrating Wristband to control workers

See youtube video with same title as this post, "Amazon Invents...workers." This wristband is similar to dog shock collars, except it delivers a psychological shock. IMO it is dehumanizing, and makes use more like robots being radio-controlled, or slaves with threat of the whip hanging (or being fired) over us. How do you feel about it.

EdEarl 8 Mar 20

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I'd stuff it in my might make work more..pleasurable..hehe..


Well, in my opinion ...

... oh wait, my FitBit is reminding me I need to take a walk.


Just another attempt to point human beings toward a robotic stance! They will collect some money, from gullible people and that is all that such a device will do! Will people give over their personal power and responsibility for existence over to the market place?

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