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Anyone thinking of deleting their account or putting it to sleep for a while. As a reaction to recent news about them misuing our info, I mean.

phil21 7 Mar 20

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Me,I am Fb has no balls..


You should never assume anything on the internet is safe. Gee a money making company is using your personal stuff to make more money. Weird. It reminds me of fetish pages where everyone adds to their profile no one has the right to use their information blah blah. That would never hold up in court. Anything on the web is fair play. Of you're afraid of 8nfongetting out, do not put it into he internet.

Thanks for the spicy detail I am now selling on the internet! Sorry about the Rams.

@phil21 hahahahahhaah


Yeah, thinking about it.

@twshield Exactly for the recent user data fiasco. I have a feeling there are more details to come, to explain better what happened and what data was involved.



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