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A girl on another board asked why atheists are so negative and abrasive. I answered her with this:

You're not understanding the harm religion is doing, and has done, to humanity and the world. I get mad just thinking about it. For instance, most religionists live more for the next life, not this one. But I believe this is the only life I have, or will ever have and I want to enjoy it and make the most out of it.

How about encouraging primitive people not to use birth control?

Religions are anti-pleasure and anti-life. So just for a little game, why are the following illegal? Prostitution, gambling, marijuana, masturbation (not illegal but certainly discouraged) drinking, and the worst of all from my point of view, euthanasia—I have an incurable, terribly painful bone disease. Who is some priest or nun to tell me I can't end it all because he/she doesn't think it's "moral".

Did not the Lord emphatically say, “Render unto Caesar...” in other words, “stay the F out of politics.” So why do all 535 congresspersons all believe the Biblical account? Pardon the pun, but there's something “fishy” going on. That's just part of the reasons atheists are so abrasive and caustic.

A lot of this stuff is in my latest book “Saving Gaia.”

Aristopus 7 Mar 21

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Here's another good one about the harm religion has done: There's a scene in the movie "You don't know Jack" where Al Pacino tells a young fanatic about how anesthesia was discovered in the 1250s by alchemists. But the church felt that God should decide the suffering human's endured and punished anyone who even toyed with ether. It wasn't until the turn of the 20th century that some dentist in Boston started using nitrous oxide to rellieve the pain of pulling a tooth.
So in all that time, seven hundred years, people had to suffer surgery without any anesthetic help. In our Civil War thusands of wounded soldiers suffered amputation and had to "bite the bullet" rather than take a shot of ether.


No Christian has ever had an Atheist tell them they are going to hell, gave no reason to live, are morally bankrupt, or accost them on in public or at their for.


I can get with all that you reported in your post! We needed a little meaness in our nature, to overcome, out run, out talk and finally confidently state...our right to be here, wasn't given to us, by some savior!


Where can I find this book, Saving Gaia?

Thanks, it's be out on Lulu shortly and all the ebook sties It'll take about a week.


I agree. I try not to be anti-religious, but I tell ya, it's REALLY hard to not hate religion at this point. It's constanty shoved in our faces, countless billions have been killed in its name, children are being indoctrinated, scientific progress is being halted, and they still dare to call US the ones without morality. The world has had atheist/agnostic/secular monsters too, but still. Their atrocities usually pale in comparison to the number of atrocities committed in total in the name of religion. Add up all the mass murders throughout human history committed by the religious in the name of their god, and even Stalin can't compete. Religion is an evil system that traps people and is used for political gain. I sometimes wish we were all secular. It wouldn't create peace on Earth, but it would certainly decrease the number of famines and wars by a long shot.

Dynamite post. I address the point you make in Saving Gaia—the one about the horrible mass murderers of history. Its pure conjecture, but I believe alpha male, leader types figure out that religion is a scam and say to themselves, "All right, that means I can do anything I want without divine judgement," including killing millions of people like Mao or Stalin. We don't know about Hitler; he did go to religious school and was constantly referring to "Gut" in his speeches.

@Aristopus Is there anywhere I can buy this book? I'm broke at the moment, but I may be able to get it in the future. It sounds intriguing, and it'd be refreshing to read something from a like minded person when most of the people I know are either religious or just don't care.

@AcuteObstinance Thanks for your reply. Saving Gaia is doing ok, but there's still a long way to go. Hope you enjoy it and get a lot of knowledge and info from it. It's a different way of looking at the world from a biological viewpoint.


@AcuteObstinance []


I tend to avoid negative and abrasive people in general, atheists included.

I totally concur ! Enough negativity floating around the earth as it is - without inviting it any closer ...

@evergreen Exactly. (And I can be both negative and abrasive, but I have to be pushed.)


It doesn't take actually being negative or abrasive to be accused of those things. To them, it's negative and rude and abrasive and mean and viscious simply to openly not agree with or be impressed with their "thinking", or sympathetic to their special pleading.

Religious faith has, for most of human history, enjoyed unearned deference and respect in the marketplace of ideas, largely because of blasphemy laws and less formal taboos and their hegemony in society. Those have been eroding in the past century, to the point that in the past generation they've really had to put a lot more psychological energy into apologetics. And it's a lot harder to deflect and bullshit the indefensible than to simply argue a legitimate, defensible position for which there's actual evidence.

Just disagreeing with them makes you some devil seeking to subvert their soul.


You should tell her to check out this site and just observer for a while.

Granted I just joined and have only been on here a few hours, but so far this has been the friendliest and most supportive forums I have ever read.

Really digging it!

Don't forget there is a 'dark side' to every person, if it comes out in is a lot easier to understand why/where it comes from!

Education makes you a better person. Even the writing itself is at a higher level here, compared to Facebook and the others.


Agree, agree, agree, agree... but... did the lord actually say, "Render unto Carsar..." or was he/she misquoted, guess we'll never know... and I mean never.

Tomas Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

@Beach_slim ... no kiddin, that’s why we’ll never know, I mean never...

As I remember from high school, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are God's." The Pharisees were trying to trick him into answering a loaded question about should a young girl be stoned for being human. Either way he answered looked bad.


Matt Dillahunty will be the answer to her prayers.


I would just ignore people like that. I would give them a concise but accurate answer and if they still couldn't accept it, I would let it go. As it is, I agree with you. Who is a priest or a congressperson to tell you that you can be miserable with someone of the opposite gender, but not happy with someone of the same gender? Where do they get off making edicts like that?

But until the world realizes that, this is the world we live in. It's our responsibility to help people who can be helped to see what we can see from the outside so to speak, but not our right to force our opinion on them.


For me, abrasiveness is a growing process. it happens because of the entitlement which the Christian right seems to demand.


Great - very insightful

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