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Safely dry shoes, boots, slippers, gloves and mittens.

Nothing like waking up to warm and dry slippers! Your footwear gets wet inside from sweat.

For 30 years, I have loved my Peet shoe/boot dryer. It lengthens the life of shoes and boots, drying with gentle heat. It works with hiking boots, snow boots, running shoes, shoes, ski boots, moccasins, slippers and more.

Last year, I ordered the attachment for gloves and mittens. One size. With small hands, stretchy gloves work best.

For Christmas, I gave one each to my daughter and her husband. Matt is delighted to have warm and dry work boots each morning. Claire loves drying her moccasins at night.

Peet makes the best quality shoe/boot dryers.

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 9

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Have a built in storage for workwear, boots and coats just inside the entrance ... has a small radiator set low to dry everything ..... need it a lot over here ... often wet from working in the kennels, or walks.
Its great to be able to walk in, strip off all wet clothing for drying or washing and then next room is the shower ..with a seat ... where you can sit and get warmed through


Would have loved to have had in the service.


Didn't know such a thing existed.........


You can buy a Peet shoe dryer at a sportsman's store or Amazon. Be sure to get one with a electric cord plug-in.



Looks like they were great, but putting them in the oven on broil makes life more interesting. 😉😆

What was that story Jack Davenport told on the British comedy Coupling?

As Steve -- "I didn't even know I had an oven. There was a square thing in the kitchen that I used to keep books in -- 'til there was a slight fire incident."

@RichCC has it's drawbacks doesn't it.


What a neat idea ,love it,,warm and dry is essential

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