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BREAKING NEWS - Cumberland County School Board votes 6-3 to leave Ten Commandments up as historical document in schools. Yes votes from Freitag, Parris, Stone, Hassler, Netherton and Bowman. No votes were from Safdie, Patterson and Boston. Attendance policy is being sent back to committee. Full story on both coming soon on

Would someone on this site be willing to let FFRF know about this? I would love to myself, but they ask for a name when you submit a violation and I can't list my name as I am an employee of the school system.

JenSelby 4 Mar 22

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Bleah....Why not put up 282 laws from the Code of Hammurabi? Are those not "Historical" documents? Or how about Dianetics......Fuck religious laws. I can just stick with principles.


Unfortunately, in order to have standing a person connected with the organization (school) has to file a complaint. Often an alias is given to protect the person making the complaint. I could contact them but they would ask for a local person. Perhaps, if you contact FFRF they would have a suggestion. Also, be aware, there are area/state liasons who help people deal with issues as this. In fact, at the last FFRF convention I met just such a woman from Tenneesee. I had a listing for several months but I try not to let too many papers pile up so I recycled it. Of course now it would help.

Hope she follows through.

@sassygirl3869 I will try and remember and contact FFRF and ask them about the Tennessee liaison. I received a mailing about their 40th anniversary (I received a nice pin I will wear). The letter mentioned Death with Dignity so I am writing them a letter and add a piece about this issue.


I would hang something up from all the many other religions if the camers were not covering every inch of the school!

I have contacted FFRF with this and will keep you posted. I am an After-Life member and getting more and more involved with the group and am always looking for something to help with this issue. It may come down to the point of trying to find someone (maybe a parent) who is willing to speak up.

Here is the response I received from FFRF I will continue to look into finding a link to the local laison: FFRF has received your state/church violation report. Thank you so much for your commitment to upholding the Jeffersonian “wall of separation between church and state.”

FFRF, a small nonprofit, receives literally thousands of requests for help annually. Due to the growing demand for our help to end state/church violations, it is not always possible to respond personally to every request. We try to prioritize major violations affecting students at public schools and pending state/church violations (which could be averted).

The law is with us on some matters, but not others. It may be that due to the settled state of the law there is nothing FFRF can do to ameliorate the situation, much as we might disagree with hostile court precedent.

We’ll get back to you if we take action. In the meantime, if you have not looked over FFRF’s FAQ on state/church violations, it may provide some helpful information:

FFRF State/Church FAQ

If you are not already a member of FFRF, we encourage you to join us now, so we can speak with a more influential voice and expand our level of services. FFRF is a 501☕(3) educational nonprofit working to educate the public about nontheism and to defend the constitutional principle of separation between state and church.

More information that might help:
FFRF East Tennessee
President: Aleta Ledendecker
Mailing Address: FFRF-ETC, PO Box 50542, Knoxville, TN 37950
Phone Number: 865-724-5273
Monthly meetings held 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM at Earth Fare (10903 Parkside Dr., Knoxville, TN 37934).

It was Aletha that I met at the last convention (I think).


Nothing gets me more excited than to see women listed as property of men, alongside livestock.

I've tagged Jack. He's quite involved with the FFRF.

It amazes me how many women that I have meet that are pro women's rights yet are still christians. So many crappy "laws" in the bible that basically treat women as property.

@RedskyRiver Indeed, and I'll wager that most Christian women haven't read the bible (just cherry-picked) or they are in a progressive Christian church that does support equality regardless of what the bible says.


So much for separation of church and state...smh


Maybe , have a statement of freedom from religion placed next to it !

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