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Are Atheists racist

I ask because a couple who live in my building are rabid racists and told me so.But then they heard me tell aJehovahs Witness no thanks I am an Atheist they said "hey so are we".How do the two go together..Atheism and racism?

Gatman11 4 Oct 22

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I can't think why logically they have to be mutually exclusive.


I know more religious people than atheists, but of all the atheists I've spent time with, I've never heard a racist comment. Like I said though most people I know are religious, and they are perfectly comfortable making racist remarks. My personal experience leads me to believe that atheists on average are way less racist, and certainly less homophobic than the religious.


Please don't double post

He didn't. He four posted, so there.

touche 😀


This is a great question. Are atheists racists? Unfortunately I know some of them. But I don't waste my time in giving my attention to the destructive behavior.

Atheism and evolutionary racismttps://


Several people in your building appear to be very confused.......


Takes all kinds.

twill Level 7 Oct 22, 2019
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