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LINK Trump Admin Authorized Military To Use Lethal Force At Southern Border - YouTube

The orders allow lethal force against US citizens un some cases! This and military hardware given to the police. First two steps toward dictatorship. What next?

EdEarl 8 Oct 31

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Trump is ‘engaging’ the military and the police...he is trying to speak to their ‘warring side!’ He needs votes! Not to mention his impeachment delimma...which he is trying to convince as many people as possible that it is a ‘witch hunt!’ He believes that he is being persecuted...cause they want to take away what is his (he kinda makes reference...that it is against the America people too)! Trump is ‘working’ the Country like a person ‘works a room!’ Lol

Yes, unfortunately it isn't funny.

@EdEarl no it isn’t...horrible, just horrible with no certain relief in sight!


He wants his dictatorship

Yes he does.


This administration has been aiming to fall back on a military-policed, totalitarian nation. Trump and his cronies are afraid they'll lose power, so they're trying to make us afraid of foreigners at our border, afraid of our military, and afraid to assemble or protest according to our constitutional right to do so. This is typical of dictators.

We can hope the military will not follow illegal orders from POTUS. The CIA NSA and military disagreed with 45 over abandoning the Kurds. I doubt they will act to keep him in office after he is impeached and removed or after he loses an election. However, the election fraud by the GOP gives me concern, especially if the election is close.

Right ... I don't think the military will follow illegal orders either ... and I also don't trust the GOP ... they won't allow a fair election to all voters. If he wins again, everything will go to hell. Already, climate change has affected much of the US with drought, failing crops, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, loss of businesses and homes, homelessness, etc. All that destruction will help the GOP to keep many people fearful and co-dependent.

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