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QUESTION Does My Dog Miss Me When I'm Gone? Or Do They Forget About Me?

I've often pondered whether my dog actually misses me or has the same sense of absence/longing that we have.

After a long week of work, with 12 to 14 hour gaps in between (Sometimes I leave at 7am and may not make it home until 9pm), she gets clingy. She lays there looking at me like this while I have my morning coffee.

By ScienceBiker8
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Yes, she misses you. I had a boyfriend who said that dogs have no concept of time and do not "miss" people. Yeah, they do. When my son and his wife left their dog with me when living in a motel for three months in a distant town (my daughter-in-law was training to be a restaurant manager), he sat by the window for the first month, looking out at the driveway. He stopped looking out the window when I moved, not because he stopped missing them.


They miss you, they dream about you in fact. #ScienceYo


Aww. Maybe you should get your pup a pup of its own?

@ScienceBiker its like pupapalooza! So much cute.


Dogs are pack animals. They hate being alone & will develop abarent behavior is isolated muchly. ie the chained backyard dog that barks inscesantly. "Please don't leave me" those eyes are saying. Revel.

Mooolah Level 8 Mar 24, 2018

I am out of town right now. My corgi caretaker says the run to greet him and do their usual frenzy play fight version of their greeting to me until they realize I am not there. THen they just say ,"meh" and walk away. I miss the little buggers

btroje Level 9 Mar 24, 2018

They miss us, my cat comes running to the door when I come home meowing her head off, and following me everywhere I go in the house.
So, yeah, they most definitely do miss us when we're gone.

Clare Level 7 Mar 24, 2018
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