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What defines a good person to you?

I say, "to you" because I believe that while our society likes to paint the picture that we are all on the same page as to what makes someone good or bad, it may actually be entirely subjective. We have our own individual morals and values and those are what we ultimately use to determine a person's goodness/badness on a case by case basis. I believe it to be a grey-area, gradient type scale. So to you, what makes a good person? Is it their words, their actions, or a combination of both? And if it is a combination, does that then mean that someone isn't as good of a person if they do not practice both?

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TingleMuffin 4 Mar 24

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It's like porn. Hard to define, but you know it when you see it.


I have always been foolish enough to be a good & honest person! Clergy will tell you God is a mystery, yet every knows what good is! No matter what a persons views are good is always good!


Being a good person has nothing to do with religion as the world is full of Sunday Christians.Where a good person is always Christian like in that they are genuine loyal caring compassionate generous a good listener and wishes other people to be like themselves with the aforementioned characteristics.


It actually is subjective and each person has their own idea of morality. Even in the same house the individual morality does differ. As for the question "Does that mean that someone isn't as good of a person if they do not practice both?" Yes that does mean that. Let me give you an example. Let's say that Joe is a great man, he helps with the homeless, he feeds the hungery, he adopts families at Christmas, ect. On top of all that he has never even thought of hitting his children or wife. However he constantly degrades them. Telling them they are evil and will never be anything but a criminal. Telling his wife that she is a slob and a slut. that she is only good for sex and barley even that. In this case just because his actions are good his words hurt. thus he is less of a good person.

Ldox Level 4 Mar 24, 2018

Either would require me to judge, which I try to avoid.


Words don't mean much of anything. What you do defines who you are.


Pity you can't vote for all 3 choices......

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