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Are you a romantic?

In what ways?

atheist 8 Mar 25

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I misread that as, "Are you aromatic?" Ha! I have a romantic side, but I'm probably less so than most people (or less overt about it).


yes if I am in a relationship I am affectionate, loving, and sensual with my partner.


Used to be; still am to an extent. Like to cuddle, take walks, do little things that surprise.

Works for me.


Yeah, for all the good it does me.


@atheist... Yes... I did lose it... Or maybe just shoved it down deep inside... It's been laying dormant for several years... And you're right when saying I need someone to help bring it back to the surface.. Someone worth the time and effort...


Yes, very much so...but in private. I have an image to maintain! ?


I find this question curious when people ask. It seems to be different with different people. I've been told I'm romantic, but I'm not so sure. I've had others tell me they're romantic and find there idea of romantic a bit cookie cutter. If you go out and look at the stars with your significant other, is it romantic or is there more to it that makes it romantic. Maybe I just overthink it, I don't know.


Omg yes. In all of the goofy, doofy spooning on a Sunday morning to randomly coming home with flowers type of romantic. And a lot more stuff that I can't think of right now since it's absurdly late.

Spooning, you know, when we're both on our left or right side in bed and she's on the inside, so i can pull her close. Great way to sleep and get each other warm in the winter months 😛.
Never heard of that expression?


I am and I love it... can’t wait to start again... well I guess I can wait, I’ve waited this long... damn it !

Tomas Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

I guess this can be relative, like many things, but I consider myself somewhat romantic. I'm a gentleman and hold doors for ladies, whether I'm with them or not (men too, for that matter). For my partner, I'm pretty good about recognizing key holidays (V-tines Day, Birthday). For those two mentioned, I shop for greeting cards that I think capture my feelings towards them (usually buy 3 or 4) and hide them around the house in places I know they will find them, like under their pillow, on their nightstand, on the bathroom vanity). I like to order Shari's Berries (if they like that sort of thing), or other treat and have it mailed to wherever they will be on their BD or V-tines day. In the past I have ordered Vermont Teddy Bears (is that still a thing?) in different themes. Is that stuff romantic? =]

@atheist When there is one again, she will. LOL!


I think I am but you would have to ask my girlfriend Amy that question to get the truth lol


I think I was once, but not for a very long time now.

@atheist or in a drought.


Very--I always go out of my way for my partners. From writing them poetry, to spending hours crafting them gifts (things I've crocheted, drew, made of origami), writing them letters, calls out of the blue, massages after a long day at work. Just about anything I can do to remind them how much I appreciate them.

Mea Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

I have my moments but only an S.O. would ever know for sure


Define romantic.

@atheist I think so.


I used to be...


In strange ways I am but not typical.

thank you but it's not flowers


Pretty much not at all. Well, there are things that feel romantic to me, but they are not AT ALL the traditional Hollywood version of romance. Flowers, candles, sappy music etc leave me cold.

@atheist I guess I don't think of that as romantic. It's simply a basic part of being in a relationship.


Depends on what you mean by 'romantic'.

In many ways, yes. In many ways, not so much. In some ways, not at all.


@atheist -- It's also not a question with a specific answer.

@atheist -- I'll have to pray on it. Maybe something will be said out of the clouds....


How about we both go on a date to the Burger King and share a Whopper with 12 slices of cheese and extra onions....Hows that romance for ya????


@atheist 12 slices of cheese shows I mean business!!!!!


Yes, and I really enjoyed it. But none of that matters now.


I can be. (Don't ask me to elaborate either Ron.) 😛

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