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LINK Bernie Sanders Exposes Pete Buttigieg’s Laughable Logic - YouTube

Buttigieg takes PAC money, which is legal bribery.

EdEarl 8 Dec 7

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This is one guy’s opinion. It does not set well with me when Pete is called a ‘lier’...when it is only Pete’s opinion... all this laughing it up, also sends up red flags for me! We should not vote for people that we feel can only have a limited future vision. But, this is just the beginning...lets keep our eye on the candidates and see how they ‘shake’ out! Read between the lines, I always say!

It's clear to me that he lies and cares nothing for little people. He is too smooth a talker, his policies are disasters. He takes money from rich people, which is why he will continue making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

@EdEarl He is very smart...if he is selling out that is a tragedy! I need to get more information about on Pete!

@Freedompath Yes, very smart, and smooth as crude oil.


Another dyed in the wool Wall Streeter..beholden only to Goldman-Sachs..

Do you mean Pete is?

@Freedompath yes..

@Charlene what a waste of a good ‘mind!’

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