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What did you do to celebrate a big day?

It is that time of the century again, 60 this year and kids are urging me to do something. I am a boring type and don't like doing things as others do. I know if I don't come up with anything, one of my ex's will get involved, kids will contact them for ideas or something and I will have a totally miserable time. So, particularly for those who have done 50 or 60. What did you do? I know Milliways always has a table free.

Rugglesby 8 Mar 26

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I'm a couple of years off the big six ohh, for my 50th I booked up the whole of a Hindu vegetarian food place and invited my friends to come and have a meal with me


go sky diving

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my son took his ex years ago, last year he took up hang gliding, heights is my greatest fear.

But now is a good time to conquer it.


if i have to get away from a hysterically on celebration insisting mob i will do so. i'm with the indigenous folks, for who, as far as i'm informed, birthday is a very private matter. it should really celebrate my mother on the day she gave me to life.

That is a different way of looking at it. I won't go down the mother route though, my parents were somewhat lacking, my mother can't even tell me where I was for some of my early life, ie under 2. Much of the family insists I was adopted, wish I was, sadly by birth record disagrees. If my shoulders were not shot I know it would include a paddle from Bruns to Mullum and back. Maybe my shoulders have saved me. The Brunswick River has been central to most of my life. Thanks for the thought though.


You know you love them, and their schemes. Tell them .


My 60th 2017 Open mic nght then loads of people back. Well I have wine and song...


I don't bother sorry

I never have either, ever. Last time I was 6.

I'm not boring but like enjoying stuff when I actually feel like it.

@LeighShelton, that's exactly my reasoning. why should i rigidly follow a particular time schedule without considering the moment? sounds like bloody work to me.

me too @walklightly. we can't enjoy it now wait until your birthday. fuck that, I like being spontaneous and outrageous like laughing when something funny, eating what I want when I fancy it and fucking/wanking when im horney.


the same thing I did every other day

i like that!


My big days are all kid centric these days. I have a bunch of party lights(little spinning disco balls and such) bubble blowers and bluetooth speakers. Add some good food and it makes for a fun and relatively cheap party.


A big day? I'll be twice as lazy as I usually am.

Now, there's a plan.

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