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LINK Sanders and Warren Fight Pelosi Over Drug Pricing Bill - YouTube

This fight is important. Call your representative and tell them to vote against this bill.

EdEarl 8 Dec 11

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It is show time before Iowa. The (Political) Hunger Games. They will do what their advisers tell them to. You must attack the front runner(s) to move up in the polls. Nothing personal. It is a game.


Twenty five drugs is the a drop of rain in the ocean! That would cover very few people not to mention people with no insurance can’t get the discount! This bill is not worth the effort spent on it!

Maybe I misunderstood, but the bill has a provision that prevents future congresses from negotiating additional drug prices for ten years. That's awful.

@EdEarl I think that was right!


Good to see Warren coming in on the right side of the question.

Yes, it is.

@EdEarl I always feel like she is tiptoeing between doing the right thing and being electable.

@DavidDuhon True, she wants to be the first female POTUS, but IMO she doesn't have what it takes. I like her, and she would probably do as well or better than anyone since FDR, if she happened to win.

@EdEarl Yes, I think she will do poorly with republicans disgusted by Trump, who are the swing voters. I have surprised myself by liking Tulsi, despite her apparent unelectability--among democrats that is. And Bernie is the man.

@DavidDuhon There can be only one. Bernie 2020!

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