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Is railing against multiculturalism a sign of bigotry?

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By DJVJ3117
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Railing about anybody's color, race, sex, age, political views, or beliefs is being a bigot

MikeFlora Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Bigot - A person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

Yes I would say it is. I would also argue that everyone is intolerant of certain ideas.


Not necessarily: an individual may be concerned about multiculturalism because they feel their own culture will be wiped out. However, 99.9% of people who oppose multiculturalism are just racist fuckwits.

(I do not oppose multiculturalism, incidentally. I feel it makes a society stronger, and immigrants bring nice food with them.)

Jnei Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

But that also highlights the problem... Culture isn't static. It evolves with time. Preserving culture, clinging to it if you will, is futile. Honor and respect your own heritage without impeding the right of others to do the same.

@macrobius I quite agree; I believe multiculturalism improves society and makes life more interesting.


I can't see how it could not be bigoted

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 26, 2018

If the rally resembles the March in VA then yes it is bigoted. On the other hand if it a rally to include, then no.

BillF Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

Sorry, changed the word. I meant more like "railing"


If you think your culture is the only culture that should be recognized then yes that would make you a bigot.

slinkie59 Level 5 Mar 26, 2018

I am at a lost as to how and why anyone would rally against multiculturalism (whatever the term defines). Tell me what group in america that isnt multi-cultured?

How did multiculturalism work out for the Native Americans?

@TheInterlooper Genocide and multiculturalism are two different things. Even amongst native americans there was / is multiculturalism. Choctaws and Apache are wholly different from one another. So whats your point?


Honestly, I am playing Devil's advocate here. I am a civic nationalist. Just giving you some of the arguments I've heard from the anti-multiculturalism crowd. I encounter them a lot since I lean right politically.

Genocide and multiculturalism are two different things

Genocide implies intent. From what I've read most of the deaths were caused by diseases natives had no immunities to. <~~ (I think this is the strongest argument against multiculturalism)

Choctaws and Apache are wholly different from one another

I am ignorant of the nuances between native tribes. However, wouldn't the Iroquois Confederacy imply that there was some commonality between them?

@TheInterlooper Genocide is MUCH more than intent. Intent is too simple a term when applied to genocide. As far as the confederation of the five civilized tribes, their language and geography was the common thread. In North America the Confederation of the five was unusual, out of the hundreds of different nations they and just a few others presented a united front. I would liken it to the present day United States, we speak the same language, live in the same boundaries but we are all different culturally and politically. A Dem. isnt a Dem. on all issues and we certainly are not alike in our cultural makeup. The same with the five.


Bigots/white racists feel threatened by multi-cultural demonstrations/protests/marches. Look how they attacked Emma Gonzalez from Parkland because she represents the LGBTQ Community.

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