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When looking at posts do you?

I look at the title and ask if there is something that appeals to me or can I add a good remark. I also glance through previous replies to make sure I am not saying the same thing.
I used to tell people that a topic was covered previously but I am tired of doing that now.
How do you respond?

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By Akfishlady8
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I try to read most if not all of the replies. There are a lot of really smart and entertaining people on this site so I'll usually learn a thing or two. I'll reply if I feel there is something I can or at least be weird and awkward.



I mainly look to see if I can make a bizzare or off handed comment about the topic

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 26, 2018

And its appreciated when you do.

@Blindbird good to know

Me too. I ask myself, is this snarkable?


I'm just happy to comnunicate with others no matter what it's about


I answered "Other". I'm in different moods on different days, so I've done all of the above. Or nothing; can't be bothered some days unless it's something really engaging.

Hominid Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

I'm interested in conversation. So I just comment.


I just shoot from the hip with no filter.. then post it.. then read what others say but not always.


Depends on the subject matter --- how much time between repeated posts --- whether the person is new and trying to make conversation, etc.


I’ll see something that looks interesting and give my thoughts on it. I will admit that if it’s a topic I can only talk a little bit about, I look in the comments to see if I can’t get my brain moving on similar/differing ideas.

Adam7 Level 4 Mar 27, 2018

I've searched topics before to see about repeating post, as advised by admin, smile001.gif but I'm not sure how reliable it is. Some topics didn't match.

Stacey48 Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

If the post is a debate, I will read other comments and see if I can add some fresh perspective rather than rehash, otherwise I usually answer before reading other comments.


i just gotta be me! look out!


does that mean before I ask a question I have to search through the whole archive of posts to see if someone else has already asked it. I don't think I have time for that

lbusche Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

@Akfishlady thanks for the tip


It's a combination for me. Sometimes I'm not clear on the question being asked and reading others' replies helps to clarify it for me. And sometimes I DO look at posts that have been made similarly by others, but if I can respond intelligently, I do. Which leads me lastly to say that I always give a thoughtful response if I can. =]

IAMGROOT Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

If it's something that hasn't already been posted, and interesting to me in some way - I'll definitely comment.

I'll read through comments already posted to make sure I'm not simply repeating another's words.

evergreen Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

I voted "give thoughtful response - even if I've given it before". If the thread is topical, new and has few comments, I post a reply and note that it my reply is a copy of a previous comment that I posted in a similar thread. I actually do dig up my previous replies and copy and paste them.

I post a reply on oft-asked personal questions (e.g. best movies, books, etc.) only if there are few comments.

I try to reply to threads with no comments.

SamKerry Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Totally depends on the post / topic and how bored I am when replying.


I have opinions that just gotta come out!! Seriously though, if I have something pertinent to add I will, if not I go on by. I don't mind repeats, it's a lot like my real life.


I look to inject some humor when appropiate, if it's not appropiate then I do it anyway, just takes longer. I also try to think of some similar instance I have been in or a similar view. I want the person that posted to know that I thought about it so their post is more than just a thought to me.


I look for women. ?


I pretty much approach it the same way you do.

bingst Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

I really just say what's on my mind. I'm not influenced by someone else's thoughts at that time.

MartinG Level 6 Mar 26, 2018

Good question, Ask. My response is a combination of several of those options.

Sometimes, I answer right away because I don't want other replies to influence my thinking in the slightest.

Other times, I'll read through to make sure I'm not saying the same thing one or four other people said. If that's the case, I'll add an "I agree" to their post.

I used to mention that the topic was covered extensively recently if it had been, but saw that the majority of members don't mind answering the same "sneezing" and "bless you" posts 837 times, so I don't even mention it anymore. I don't answer the ones that have been covered ad nauseum however. And, I hope someday the site gets a little more streamlined. There was another site I was on years ago that prompted a user to read other "similar" threads when starting a post. I think that would be good here as I genuinely don't think new users realize that the "sneeze" and "bless you" (among others) have been covered multiple times and that they can absolutely add their thoughts to the threads that already exist.

If I take the time to open a thread to an interesting topic, I read through every single comment and the replies to every comment. I also will go back to a thread more than once to see how or IF the "conversation" is developing. I just cannot get on board with the notion of "I just leave my two cents and bounce."

BlueWave Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

@ScienceBiker The more blocking you do, the less sighing and scrolling. It's a tried and tested method. smile009.gif


If the subject interests me, I'll have a look even if there have been several near-identical posts, and look through replies to see if anything's been said that wasn't said on the earlier versions and I may then respond to those. If the post is something flippant (like cats and dogs) or boring (like ancient astronauts) I won't respond to it; if it's asking a question I can answer then I usually will.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

Be the blog! I don't know what that means. They say that about balls too.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

I should look through the comments first. I'm always repeating someone else's. Oh well.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 26, 2018
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