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QUESTION America's Most "Bible-Minded" Cities

Damn, I live near #14.

Anyone live close to a "bible-minded" city?

By silvereyes8
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Given what I've read on the site about religion in the US I'd guess that, if this were a worldwide poll, then Vatican City wouldn't even make the top 50 smile001.gif

zanyfish Level 6 Nov 20, 2017

I live in Columbus, OH and the city itself is very progressive. But venture about 20 miles in any direction and you'll run smack dab into a bible believing city. I think most areas are probably lime that.


I live in Florida, so the answer is "yes".


Haha. I live near #1.

bingst Level 8 Nov 20, 2017

I'm closest to #74, Syracuse, NY. Still, not terribly close to me, 90+ minutes at best.

resserts Level 8 Nov 20, 2017

Heart of SoCal for me too, but there is nothing like a Bible minded city here. There are some clusters but easily avoidable. Amazing how just 20% Christian still feels like we are a tiny minority of people here. I would HATE to live in the real bible belt, though those are some beautiful rural areas.


70, 71, 79 and 80 are all pretty close to me. Heart of SoCal over here... ugh...

JHeyoka Level 5 Nov 20, 2017

I went to college in Ames, #72. I live close to #73, Omaha. My brother lives in the Waterloo area, #97.


Oh yeah, several - a rather large portion of North Central Florida !

"blessed days" abound, and lots of "fish" on cars and stores ! Oy !

evergreen Level 8 Nov 20, 2017

Damn, I'm just south of #10, Lexington, KY. Hallelujah!

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