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Facebook used to be my biggest waste of time.

It doesn't matter how many "friends" I have on there, I'm always ignored. Last year I added 100 mutual friends that were atheists. This year I removed all but 7 of them. I used to get upset when I would make posts and a week would pass and all I got were 3 likes. Now IDC. I have 25 people on there, the same exact thing. I rarely am on there now. I only check for notifications or articles that I want to share with this site. At least I'm not indivisible on here. I can't give up FB because I need the Messenger. I check this site more than I check Facebook.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 27

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Assume some people are lurkers. They see your posts but don't upvote it.

Nah, they don't care.


....did you change to here?

Mostly yes.


Facebook did something with the algorithms where only like 25 people see your posts at a time it's ridiculous

I read that too. Most of my posts go unseen.

I don't mind, if you want someone to see something, just tag them, then they will see it. I have only 32 'friends' on my personal page (since 2009), but have three business pages also with much more. But I like few friends, quality over quantity anytime. 😉

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