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I just need to vent really quickly. You don't have to read it. I just need to say it to release my frustrations of my bad day. Sorry guys.

The day started out good. I was put on the front register. Then I saw that the 18-year-old girl came walking in. She got called in. So I knew then that today I would be doing her job too. We all agree that she sucks! My managers have said that she sucks and that she has no common sense. They didn't need to tell me that. I figured it out in 2 weeks. It has almost been 2 months working here and she still sucks. I was told to go clean table legs and chair legs while we were slow. She took a few orders then stood there. Occasionally I came up to help her with 4 people in line. Then our small rush hit. I had a fast sandwich maker today. So I took most of the orders, because the other front register co-worker is slow. People were choosing my register to go to because I am fast and I know what I'm doing. With the rush done, I got put on to making sandwiches. I love it. I was told to stock my side while in between orders. I did. The co-worker took like half of my cups. I told her where they were. She's blind I guess. I wasn't told to stock her side. Someone said "Bring enough for both of you." I stocked for her this morning! So I told my boss I was irritated. She said I'm irritating too. (Just last week she told me she doesn't want me to ever leave. I'm a tad bit confused?) I stocked my side. I was told to watch fries and make the sandwiches. More people started to come in. The co-worker gets rude when I try to help her. I decided not to, and to get her stuff made and to let her pass it out. 6 orders of food were ready and sitting there getting cold. I saw many people standing there waiting, so I started coordinating her orders out quickly. She was getting Coke from the back and came up and said to me in front of everyone, "You're irritated I have to get drinks?" I said nicely, "I'm just trying to help you." (I know what to say in front of customers. It's called professionalism) I let her make herself look bad. I was irritated that their food was sitting there getting cold. I finished that and I got to go home early! It was her day off and she was not happy to come in. My boss even gave her a free meal. I'm always called in and I love it. I don't complain. I don't take things personally anymore. I normally ignore comments like that, because on Thursday I'll probably be thanked for something. It is what it is. Once I asked my assistant manager, "Is it because I'm good at my job, that I have to do more and do other people's job?" She laughed and said, "Basically yes." I laughed then too. It is my first job ever. Same as the girl's first job. Yet, I've been there 2.5 years and I learn faster than most people. I even had to tell my new training manager what he needed to do to fix the girl's mess up. He asked my boss first. Then I told him I know how to fix that. He said he didn't think I would know. Now he knows. We made him a manager quickly since one just quit. I sometimes teach my managers things about the job they don't know. This girl calls all the grown-ass adults, males and females, "Honey, dear, and sweetie." Not many people like that. I don't. Venting is over. Sorry. Tomorrow is my day off again. I feel better now. Thanks.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 27

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Many employers will take advantage of people that pick up the slack where others fail. It's a sad reality about employment, but there will always be people who have bad work ethic. I admit, I have no real advice. I don't always handle it well. Often times management knows, but doesn't do anything about it. I wish I had an answer, but the only thing I can suggest is keep looking. There's a better fit for you out there.

Yep, I'm going back to college in August so I can leave my job and get a career. They are all jealous of me. They are all jealous of me for a lot of things. Like kids. Lol.


Most of my professional working life was in the food service and hospitality industry. Two and a half years, especially for a resourceful person with a sense of urgency and sincere wish to perform the best they can, is ample preparation for finding better work environments and pay.

Your management people are the ones underperforming or the other person would hae been better trained, corrected or eliminated. From your description it appears that you are due for a happier, more profitable work environment. Don't short-sell yourself. You are all you have to market and better caliber places need your kind of team member.

Finer dinng establishments offer not only improved income opportunities but avenues for improviing and expanding your talents even more. You're a 'front of the house' natural who takes responsibility and acts in support of the house. Don't await the best places in town placing ads. Most recognize talent and will either remember you for a future opening or make a special, entry level place.

Moonlight to do it if you can and don't have personal committments in the way. You'll thank yourself later

I'm going to college in August so I can get a career and leave my job.

@Sarahroo29 Good move! I have two daughters who did exactly that. I guided both of them in finding jobs that amplified their incomes with great tips. One has been an RN for over 25 years, with an MBA. The other a BS and she works in Child Protective Services. Restaurants are great places to make good money in return for smaller time investments that help increase available study time. Good luck. You have all the makings.

@Silver1wun I work at Wendy's.

@Sarahroo29 Nothing wrong with that. Love their chili and frozen chocolate dessert. One less time consuming way to find work with schedule flexibility is in hotel banquet departments.

They often love having ambitious people to call-in for large events. Training always goes with it and one can usually work on an 'as available' basis to allow for classes, study and a regular job schedule; especially if the job is part-time.

A side benefit is that banquet training gives you course sequencing, cocktail/wine serving experience and guest monitoring skills that are so valuable when taken to the next level: a la carte dining room service.

If you live in Colorado Springs, I know that the town is large and sophisticated enough to have such hotel and restaurant operations. Always good to start around your existing job schedule, on-call or when school isn't in session. If you are free over the summer break and available to travel, I have some suggestions in that regard too that can result in going back to school with money saved-up.


You may have many jobs in your life and you will often run into slackers.
The truth is she may never change and she will probably also be gone soon.
Just keep doing what you're doing. It will pay off.
Food service is hard work. Slackers there really suck.

She's on her last write-up, and then we fire her. Maybe some customers will send in complaints about today on her? She didn't give the customers part of their order! A 4-piece tender! We asked her about it. She said she didn't have any tenders go out. That is not what the order said on our screen. Oh well. They'll call in and complain and get it replaced. It will say on the receipt whom the host was. Not me though. I had one tender order go out and they got them. Everyone I served got in and out fast with all their orders correctly.


So often, the one who does the most and doesn't complain is the one that is taken for granted. I've been in this situation myself and it's tough. You want to do the right thing and make sure the customer is always happy even if your coworker is a slaker. But you really don't get the credit you deserve for it because no one but the slacker is there to witness it. My advice is to keep up the great work and do whatever you can to keep the customer happy. That's job number one. But also make sure your displeasure with her work is known to management. They very often are not on the front lines to see what's going on. They need your input and your great work ethic!! Good luck!

My boss told me today she didn't want to hear it.


Enjoy your day off.


@Sarahroo29 I was going to add - YOU earned it!!

@silverotter11 I guess. Then I work until next Monday.


Let it out. We all need to rant now and then. What better way to do it than amongst friends?


That's what we are here for.


Unfortunately you are their go to. Feel good about yourself @Sarahroo29. You work hard doing your job. Have a good day off. Do something fun.

I'm having ice-cream out with a friend tomorrow. Idk which flavor I want. I want a scoop of every flavor. Gym time tomorrow too, as well as Wal-Mart. Some days I make myself feel better by saying to myself in my head only, " I'm smarter than most of them, I'm smarter because I'm godless, I look physically fit, (and it makes them jealous) I get paid less than all of them, but I have at least $8,000 more than them, (I'm never broke), I'm a hard worker, (so I do more than some crew), and I'm going to college. Ooh, I just made myself feel happy again.

good stuff. Always makes me feel better

@sassygirl3869 Yes.

@sassygirl3869 My saving most of my checks (Medicaid pays my bills, this is spending money. I have a job because I'm bored in life) and my tax money, has paid off.

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