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Do you still have CDs, or is all your music on an MP3 player/cell phone?

I have all these CDs that I had when I was younger, now I have all my music on my iPod Touch 6th Generation. I like it because I don't have to buy the whole CD to get a song I like off of the album with iTunes. If I want the whole CD I can get it. I now preview all the albums I buy on YouTube. If I like it then I will buy the whole album. CDs seem kind of redundant now with all the music players available and all the good cell phones being music players. I have a stereo that I never use anymore because there is no space in my room to set it up near an outlet. It's an MP3/radio/CD/cassette player. I bought it when I was 16-years-old. It is black and red. My LG V20 cell phone has a Hi-Fi Quad DAC for great sounding music. I rarely use it. I do have really good headphones I could use for it, but since iTunes won't allow me to put songs from there onto my SD card for my phone, I don't have much music on my phone. How do you listen to your music?

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 28

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you kids these days. I am still thinking of vinyl

btroje Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

Are those big discs on a turn table? Record players?

@Sarahroo29 really big and you could train hamsters to run in wheels to power the turntables🙂

@btroje Lol.


Mostly cd's, I must admit. I read "real" books too; just can't seem to break some habits.

it is easier for me to leave paper books behind but there was a time I thought it was sacrelige

@btroje I don't have a computer, just tablets, so I think part of my resistance is not wanting to spend even more time on such a similar device, even though they're probably more convenient.

I don't have a Kindle.

@Sarahroo29 my brother and sister, both of whom are older than I, have Kindles. I just can't get into that myself.

@Condor5 I like a real book to hold.

@Sarahroo29, me too, Sarah.

@Condor5 Yay!


I bought a brand new truck a year ago and it came with 3 free months of Sirius XM(??) radio. It was a wonderful 3 month fling with the Black Sabbath Channel!! Man, I loved it!! I didn't renew the subscription, though. Sad...


I miss our Sirius script... used to love the electronic channel and came across badass stuff that way.


All of my music is YouTube. I have a handful of songs on my cell

I have various play;ists on Youtube as well 🙂

I don't have a playlist on YouTube.


I mostly use Radio, Stream, or CD when I'm on the road. But i still have over 100 vinyl albums i listen to at home. I also have a rediculously high quality recording/mixing console and speaker system in the tuned control/mix/master room of my recording studio. So if I really want to critically listen to something i run it through my C24 console. See photo...


WHOA!!!! ❤


I have vinyl LPs they I bought as a kid/young adult and also have some CDs. Mostly I listen to Spotify but sometimes in the mood to listen to my albums.

Ohub Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

Oh, okay.

@Sarahroo29 I also tend to listen to CDs and LPs straight through without skipping around. The whole album experience is there. (right now I am listening to Johnny Cash Live At Folsom Prison )

@Ohub Cool.


Mostly CD's and vinyl. I have some music on my computer that I ripped from CD's I got from the library. Mostly listen to podcasts in the car.

BillF Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

That sounds nice.


Spotify or radio over the internet.

Unfortunately, however, old tech is better than digital - in regards to music. Digitising compresses both the low frequency and high frequency sounds of music toward the middle.

Even some cassettes, dependent on age, of course, have better range than most digital services like Spotify. But nothing beats vinyl.

With both cassettes and vinyl, music sounds much more "full" and "crisper" than digital as more lower and higher frequency sounds can be heard/felt.

Digitised music will sound more "flat" in comparison because the process would have shifted both the low and high frequency sounds towards the middle to maintain an "economical" file size for the file.

Sucks to be digitally savvy when it comes to music.

It's okay.

@Sarahroo29 Agreed. Convenience trumps super high quality for me.

Remember non-skipping car or portable CD players? That was good marketing. I fell for it. Had several. And all of the skipped. Hahaha!

@SamKerry Lol. I have my portable CD/MP3 player still.


I'm an old fart. Almost all my music is vinyl, cds, and cassettes. And I have a good stereo system.



I still listen to my cassette tapes.


I've got around 1000 CDs, and I keep buying them. It's still a better reproduction than the compression rates for my iPod. The iPod has its uses, but I'd rather a CD every time.



I have some of everything. Mp3, cd, cassette, albums.



I still have 78s that I play, as well as most other media.
Minidisc and magnetic tape excepted.



All digital. Physical media is obsolete clutter.
Unless it's vinyl it's not like keeping a CD adds character to the music.

Oh, okay.


As I'm approaching being an old fart I don't have anything on mp3 or cell phone, all my music is CD and Vinyl 🙂

Oh, okay.


All my music is on my phone. My car doesn't even have a CD player.

Oh wow.


The compression on digital music, particularly with mp3s, means the sound is inferior. Recordings nowadays deal with this basically by just boosting the highs and lows, washing out much of the richness of the sound.



all mp3



You Tube on my laptop, cds from mt Sony system, Sirius radio in the car.

That is cool.


I can't seem to get rid of my vinyls, even though I have no way to play them. I have many cds that I don't use except in my car. Same with cassettes. I listen to youtube--you can find anything--and Pandora, mostly. I do travel with an mp3 player.

A favorite:



I'm old-fashioned. I don't trust "the cloud" and like to be able to handle the things I own, so I always buy the CDs. I've toyed with the idea of ripping them and then putting them on to a thumbdrive so I don't have to take all those boxes along when I travel, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. The technological process is kinda daunting to a Luddite like myself. LOL

Yeah, I have CDs and most of them are on my iPod.

Much as I'm angry with Amazon for other issues right now it's not hard to transfer tunes onto an mp3. I hate dragging cds along as they're actually not supposed to be exposed to extremes in heat. Used to go round & round w/dh about having rare cds baking in his truck....


I need a turntable. Vinyl is for me the only way to go, maybe a cd here and there, depending. Otherwise, I just use YouTube.

I use my iPod.


I still have CDs, but I also copied my entire collection onto a thumb drive to play in my car. The music in my car doesn't repeat for weeks.

Wow. That is a lot of songs.


Every day listening on my phone. I still have CDs, but those are for relaxing with cats on the weekend.



I still have lots of CDs, mostly purchased from the artist.


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