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Hairy, pot-bellied men posing as mermaids are a hoot!

Hilarious calendar photos! Men with feminine traits have long been ridiculed. These hairy, bearded, Newfoundland men hope to expand the concept of masculinity.

They got together to sew mermaid tails.

Your thoughts?


LiterateHiker 9 Jan 25

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Ah, I think of the late Ernest Borgnine who voiced Mermaidman in Spongebob Squarepants.
I appear to be cross between Jason Momoa and those mermen... well I have long hair and a hairy belly, just the need the tail..


Loved it,,making fun at yourself to help other also helps ones self even more,Love the Newfies , they are the salt of the earth,Canadian Eh maybe we should start our own calender of some type on here and include both men and women in equal numbers


Shades of THE FULL MONTY ?? I always wondered if there were merMEN to mate with merMAIDS ? ? BUT LIKE BIRDs, do males penetrate through feathers and scales ? ? ? Did Tom Hanks grow fins when he left the human world to mate and breathe under water forever with Darryl Hannah ??????


Years ago I spoke to a woman working at a bead shop ('The Bead Shoppe' ) in Ketchikan Alaska and she said that in the winter they spend a lot of time inside beading at night because the days outside are so short.

I wonder if this is the Newfie equivalent. The link says their calendars raised $300,000 in the first year. I have to admit that beats sitting around killing time after dark. Ha, ha.😊


There's a couple cuties in the mix - and some nice beards ! Though I'm not likely to buy the calendar ...


So that's the image of masculinity I have to chase now?


Pretty cool. I would disply that calendar for dure.


It seems there is a serious reason behind these men posing as mermaids, and anything which helps men to combat a sense of alienation and suicide has my full support and admiration,



bobwjr Level 10 Jan 25, 2020

Can't love this enough! Fabulous.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 25, 2020
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