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Are East Meets West Stores taking advantage of the spiritual mindset?

In New Jersey, there is a chain of stores named East Meets West. They sell spiritual and religious iconography, items, and accesories. You can by essence, dreamcatchers, statues, shiny stones, crystals, spiritual and religious artwork, etc. They even have Celtic items such as swords, Zippo lighters, Jimi Hendrix merchanise, bath bombs, angels, demons, and t-shirts.

I went into the store because I like mythology. I think of it as an alternate comic book shop. Was wondering what others on here think of places like that.

i'm curious about if there are people who feel like they have a strong attraction to these stores and buy up items, sort of like how people can become fervent on religion, sex addiction, music, gambling, BDSM, self beautification, etc.

Nikonian 5 Mar 28

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I find nothing wrong with knick-knacks and curios. Someone has to sell them to those that want them.

Personally, I would rather get my curios and knick-knacks from a place that sells sex toys!


Zippo lighters are now a thing?


There was a UK TV comedy series that used the idea of time still going forward but history goes backward. So you get Moses telling god off for saying he loves other religions too and an ancient Egyptian has past life regression that says he used to own a crystal shop in Glastonbury


I haven’t been in this store in a while, but the few times I went in it was more of a decorative trinket kind of reason. They do have oriental items - I just like the look. I like dreamcatchers too - not because of their supposed woo-woo I just think they’re pretty and I have quite a few. I wouldn’t call it an addiction. I suppose you could say that all stores are taking advantage of people in some way.


Hmmmmm. When I was a very active Buddhist, I was taught that excess of any kind is a symptom of what we used to call "a weak life". In other words, when we know who we are and what is really important, we become much less susceptible to trying to find happiness in possessions or anything outside ourselves. There is certainly no shortage of stuff to spend money on, that's for sure, and nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence from time to time. Purchasing something is a voluntary action (usuallly). To be taken advantage of, one must be in a place where that can happen.


Surely thou jesteth.

The draw, the allure of these places is the availability of various forms of woo. The only connection to the idea of "East/West" is that they carry junk from both hemispheres. Consider the fact that many of the members of would frequent places like this and buy their wares because they haven't succumbed to the idea of being rational all the way. Some only look upon the items stores of this nature sell as curios, items of interesting art, and conversation pieces and place no other values on them.

So, here is an observation based upon a couple of simple questions. How do retail outlets remain in business over the long haul? By selling product. What is necessary for sales to be enough to support a business. Consumers with an interest in the product in question, right? They are not "taking advantage" of the spiritual mindset. They are relying on the spiritual mindset to sell product. There is a difference. They make the product available and the mindset drives the customers to them.

As long as people retain their superstitions and magical ideas, there will be a market for woo.

I thought you might like this, based on your name

@Davesnothere -- Precisely. And yes, I enjoyed the video.


I'm sure some people are into this, but it's not one of my vices.


I like these kinds of shops because I'm a human magpie and I love shiny, pretty things.


@btroje I've always wanted a Sparkly of my very own....

@btroje I've always wanted a Sparkly of my very own....


They are. That's the point. Create demand, sell to demand, profit.

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