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LINK This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world

What a crock of shit. Funny. We had an Earthquake last night. Hmmm ... lol.

IAJO163 8 Mar 18

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I do not, and cannot, understand the mentality of people who take that sort of stuff seriously.

Belief is a motherfucker, yes?

@IAJO163 Yes.


Eschatology is at the core of many religions and all doomsday cults. What makes 'end times' thinking so dangerous is that it promotes an attitude of disregard. How motivated are you likely to be to preserve the planet for future generations if you firmly believe that we're approaching a time when it will all be destroyed in a divine apocalypse? When people believe this world is little more than a waiting room for paradise, they tend to devalue it and those in it who do not share their belief.


I find it utterly arrogant that Christians equate the end of human civilization with the end of the world, the world or at least the planet did perfectly well before we evolved and will continue to do so without us.

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