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The Bible Belt? is specifically? When...was it established or duly named? Why...was it established? (If this is the right question to ask) Where...exactly is it most prominent? it's "health" in this day/age? responsible for it?

By PeacefulChaos5
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Count the number of churches around you, and if they out number any other institution. Your in the bible belt, lots of independent churches with the big box church labels on them like Baptist and Methodist too.when you buy groceries or interact with a retail clerk "Have a blessed day" is a common and acceptable way of saying goodbye. You may get askedoften "where do you go to church?"not " do you go to church?". I looked at your profile and your in it

Stevil Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

According to Wikipedia:

The earliest known usage of the term "Bible Belt" was by American journalist and social commentator H. L. Mencken, who in 1924 wrote in the Chicago Daily Tribune: "The old game, I suspect, is beginning to play out in the Bible Belt." Mencken claimed the term as his invention in 1927.

MrLizard Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

Terminology for southern states?


While I don't have all the answers - I know that I'm in it !

evergreen Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

Gainesville feels like a relatively peaceful bubble within the belt.


I think it runs through the south eastern states where many evangelical literalists reside.

Markus Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

Good questions. I don't know

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 31, 2018
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