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LINK The Analogy Between Covid-19 and Climate Change Is Eerily Precise | WIRED

Anyone make good memes? We need make this one of the conversations around Covid19. The climate threat hasn't disappeared and this is an opportunity to remind people about about tje dangets of delay and putting corporate greed and science denial aheadof lives..

MsAl 8 Mar 28

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The change in climate AND lung disease are both driven by pollution.....Rrrruussshhah dingy Crazy GREEDY LimpBOSS radio cult liar dittohead sez virus=cancer & colds .. . this insane fat criminal drove himself deaf stealing and buying illegal oxycontin while addicted AND spewing lies against Sandra Fluke ovarian cyst pills.....gave himself lung cancer smoking for 55 years....neither are contagious but pollution and each virus BOTH ARE CONTAGIOUS....shutting down the polluter economy already has cleared the air in most states and all congested cities....burning fossil fuels also drives the greedy fuel companies price fixing downward to beg drivers to come fill up their tanks and buy their poison to waft up North to polar ice and melt it all like road salt

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