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Internal echo chamber

I often wonder, does anyone else get tired of only having intelligent conversation with yourself, for those of us who are segregated from the majority of the communities in which we belong to?

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I am fortunate, in that I am in a position where I have intelligent conversations pretty much every day. I surround myself with smarty pantses!


Yep. Hard time finding RL people that are as interested in science topics as I am. I’m also dismayed by the apparent death of novelty. It seems most prefer to consume and discuss the known rather than to search for the unknown. When I do meet a “creative” soul, they have most often left science behind. I like both.

I like both too, I can find lots of creatives where I live - we have a very active and local live theatre community and arts community, and I'm friendly with several people in both, but generally so few in the science field.

It pains me sometimes, because generally I don't have anyone to talk to about what I do and have done in my field. So I have pretty much given up the desire to talk about it. Because so few people actually care and that's okay.

I have developed creative outlets. I was always a writer-type since childhood. But I got into photography and mixed media art too. Science is all well and good and it pays a decent salary, but it is pretty much all brain and no heart and I can't abide by that. It's really unhealthy, at least I found it is for me.


Segregated, how so?


Yes and no.

What I miss is writing 1500 word blog posts. When I had more time, I would spend lots of time writing my thoughts out about whatever I recently read or thought about so I could figure just what exactly I thought or felt about a topic.

Sometimes I would get lots of dialogue through commenters who visited my blog. My most popular post for a while was about Slyvia Plath.

I feel more lost and sad because I don't write like that anymore. But I also can't bring myself to write either.

why did you stop?

@btroje I wrote more when I had been a stay at home mom. Getting back into the lab and working long shifts or doing intensive work meant I had less time and energy to devote to writing. And once I get out of the habit, inertia takes over.

@ScienceBiker it's a bit sad, isn't it? Gotta make a living though, and I try to make peace with that.


My internal dialog wouldn't be considered intelligent. I beat the crap out my other voice mercilessly. It makes me want to jump in and rescue me. From me. This is the stuff I think about.


Not believing in religion blacksheeped me in believers eyes and not believing in today's liberalism makes me a blacksheep in much of today's atheist eyes.

I don't believe in God and I don't believe any party is right on all topics.
I am not a fanatic, I'm afanatic.


Yes that's why I'm on here


I have been called an intellectual snob continuously for the past 30 years, so I am not buying into this one.

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