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LINK Letters to the Editor: Who asked Ron Reagan about his zealous atheism?

My message to Reagan is this: Keep your beliefs to yourself. This is how it's supposed to work in America. We are inundated with religious ads and beliefs from many directions daily and we non believers are made to feel that we don't have a voice or that we shouldn't exist. What's the definition of freedom again? There's an amendment that covers that, yes? Some seem to forget. I'm pissing off many of my Facebook people and many of them are family. I posted this there yesterday and got not a single response. I guess that's an appeasement for me. How many of you have had a like experience?

IAJO163 8 Apr 17

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Most people on Facebook have IQs in the double digits.


It appears that Creative 51 gets it. It's not my opinion. It's simply an article I posted. My opinion begins with "We are inundated" We non believers have thick skins but the drivel gets tiresome at times. Agree?


EDIT: if someone doesn't read the article it's easy to think you are the one slamming Reagan.


You all read the letter posted right after that one, right?

To the editor: Columnist George Skelton delivers a refreshing and hopeful message in a society that has so vehemently embraced religion (especially Christianity), that the mere idea of not believing is somehow an "attack on religion."

1of5 Level 8 Apr 18, 2020

I have no problems with Ron Reagan and his atheism. I did have problems with Nancy and her astrology.


He should keep his beliefs to himself, but it's OK for you to express yours? That is the definition of hypocrisy.


Some people are unaware of Ronald Reagan Jr's background. Here's a short video of him talking about his father and a book he (jr) has written. He spoke at the FFRF convention when it was in Seattle and he painted a different picture of his father then one might assume.

Here's another piece about his broadcast background. []

I had it years ago when I reconnected with a friend and his wife who moved to Ireland. He was always going on about how evil the US had become. We allow abortions and gays to marry. I answered every one of their rants with facts and links. He finally unfriended me. In the meantime guess which country legalized abortions and gay marriage. You really can't speak to these people. They are the epitome of myopia. With family or friends never a word. Out of 7 of raised Catholic all but one is atheist.


Ron's agenda is to get people to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He is also sticking it to the Republican Christians who worship President Reagan along with Jesus.


Although I live in a Catholic nation, I must say I have a great amount of freedom here. I haven't fully read the Irish Constitution but there are no amendments as far as I know (correct me if you have more accurate facts on this). The paradox on this is to have limits on this freedom to be truly free. On the context that freedom without limits leads to tyranny, makes sense. This is where the tricky part of it relies.


'Interesting' letter.
From the linked letter:

Reagan, one can assume, blames all of the world's problems on religion, although some of the most murderous men in world history were confirmed atheists. Personally, I hope these people are burning in hell.

That's painting with a pretty broad brush. And they say right up front that they are assuming. They don't give any evidence other than Reagan's atheism that he feels that way. The linked paragraph expresses something I've heard many theists erroneously proclaim about atheists. I have yet to be impressed.

Reagan has a famous name and he's using it to promote a social point-of-view. I say 'more power to him'. Why is it 'how it's supposed to work in America' to 'keep your beliefs to yourself'?

According to the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution he can say what he wants and expect the government not to come after him. And he can expect others to be able to disagree with him without the government going after them either. (Subject to public nuisance 'yell-fire-in-a-theater laws of course.)
The amendment doesn't have anything to say about people having a right to not be offended by what he says. For that we're all just out of luck.

If Reagan has someone to publicize his view and especially if he gets, say, paid for it. Let him speak his mind.

What a lot don't know is he is or was a DJ


Wait are you the person who wrote this letter or are you posting this ironically to talk about how ridiculous it is? Are you saying... you don't like it when a smart person makes their voice heard about their beliefs, in a democracy, under the first amendment?

I, too, was confused.

@creative51 I'm a he. LOL!!!

In the course of browsing my Facebook page, I see 6-7 ads for churches and ministries. There is nothing proclaiming non belief or agnosticism. This is America, right?


I'm fine with Ron expressing his beliefs, and his support of the FFRF.
I really don't care if anyone has a problem with it.
The believers are constantly crowing about their bullshit delusions.
Turnabout is fair play.

Anyone who doesn't like it is free to change the channel, or hit the mute button.
Yay for the First Amendment!


I think Mr. Reagan is a very brave & sincere person who uses his "celebrity" to try & better mankind.
You, sir, are an Idiot!


Your first sentence is "My message to Reagan is this: Keep your beliefs to yourself."

And yet, here YOU are, spewing your beliefs all over Physician, heal thyself.

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