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Did you know your warranty is void when you buy it on Amazon?

Five pressure feet included with my new computerized Singer sewing machine do not work. The pickup bar is too narrow. Discovered this recently, after buying the sewing machine in August 2019 from Amazon.

Singer's customer service phone number is out of service. So, I emailed Singer customer service twice. They did not reply for a month.

"You can buy new accessories at .... " Singer finally replied yesterday, listing two organizations. Called the company in California.

"I just discovered this problem," I explained. "Amazon has a 30-day window to return," the woman replied. "You needed to return the sewing machine to Amazon within 30 days. The Singer warranty doesn't work."

"Singer ships your model with two different-sized shanks and pressure feet," she added. "It's very confusing."

New pressure feet: $150. This frosted my shorts. She kindly gave me a $50 discount.

LiterateHiker 9 May 6

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Bummer,especially since it was a factory packaging error, machine not defective you would think they would cheerfully send you the correct items for good will


What a crock of shit! Don’t get your shorts frosted too often. It’s bad for your health.


I would also complain to Amazon. If it was bad from the factory, they should make it right. Also, post a one-star review. That tends to get the attention of companies.


If I'm not mistaken, Sear and Roebuck went out of business awhile back.


Stop buying stuff from Amazon, it kills local shops and kills local jobs.


At Sew Creative in Wenatchee, my sewing machine costs $899. I paid $300 with free shipping on Amazon.

Also, local stores often do not carry what I need. All bookstores closed. I often have to get things from Amazon.

I hate driving over the mountains to Seattle to shop! Seattle's traffic congestion and lack of parking is atrocious. Driving 300 miles round-trip over mountains is exhausting, dangerous and a waste of gas.

@LiterateHiker Yeah, I understand that is a problem, all that traffic, no parking, pollution and now you have this machine that is a caput. So frustrating. Do you think in the end it will cost you more from having bought it from Amazon? Just wondering and I do not blame you from buying from them.


My sewing machine works very well. Thanks for understanding.

I live in a rural area where Wal-Mart put quality stores out of business years ago. Big box stores full of junk reign. All of the bookstores closed.

To get a high quality Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle, Amazon is my only choice. Also books, Easy Comfort lamp switch knobs, the OVE glove (gifts), Butterick patterns in a small size, etc.

@LiterateHiker I love to live in a rural area, always liked the small community feel, where everybody knows everybody els business even before it happens, he, he. No just kidding. I think you are lucky living where you live, after seeing the pictures. So lucky. It's a bummer about the bookstores though. Do you have Facebook Marketplace there. I have found one can buy lots of great books and puzzles on there but of course if it is a very small community then it shrinks a bit.


Have never heard of Facebook Marketplace. In the summer, we have a farmer's market on Saturdays. Don't know if it will be open during the pandemic.

@LiterateHiker Have a look on facebook. We have it here on facebook in Australia. You can advertise stuff you want to sell or buy for free and every town has its own site.


That's too bad. Good to know though.

When I sewed, I always used a Brother.
Passed it on to my nephew's wife, several years ago, when my vision tanked.
She taught herself to sew on it, and still has it.
Took it in to have it cleaned and "tuned up", and it's still running well.


Back in the 80's I bought a Singer, mid line model. Two years later it left marks on everything....rubber feed dogs. It would've cost close to what I paid for it to fix the problem. I traded it in on a $1500 Pfaff....I've done all the alterations for a bridal shop and everything else with this machine and rarely needed to have anything done to it. It's my machine for life.


I have recently encountered this as well. I had bought a chainsaw in 2018 and it had broken this year. I had figured the warranty was exhausted. I was simply asking the seller if they could guide me in the direction so I could buy a replacement part. All I got was a generic response like the one you received.


Is this just Amazon, or any other store you buy a Singer


If I paid $899 for the same sewing machine at a store or from Singer, the one-year warranty would work.

Buying the sewing machine on Amazon for $300- with free shipping- voided the warranty.

@LiterateHiker it seems if warranty paperwork was inclluded,they would have to honor it. that is disappointing.




I would never buy a singer again.


Exactly. I will never buy anything from Singer again.

@LiterateHiker I would also rate the product on Amazon and warn people about the warranty issue.

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