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Recognition merited.

MissKathleen 9 May 18

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Let's not forget all those women who go natural in low cut blouses.


Let's take a few minutes (or maybe a bit longer) to recognize and fondle the woman who came into my office a while ago without a bra.


After weeks of lock-down. Lets take a moment to recognize all the people who still have clothes that fit.

@MissKathleen Well done.

@MissKathleen Now you begin to sound almost too good. A small taste for a little sin, puts the salt into lifes soup, and makes a lady interesting.


To quote the age old adage
If a Bra is an over the shoulder boulder holder is a a Jock strap a lower decker knacker jacker?


I don’t think I’ll make it that far today. 😃

Definitely didn’t make it that far today. 😂


Depends on the breasts.


And why is putting on a bra a good thing ? 😄

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